I just want to say how appreciative I am

Warframe5 - I just want to say how appreciative I am

Of the community, the game, the lore, everything.

The game itself is gorgeous, no need to say any more in that regard. It's freaking breathtaking.

The lore, absolutely awesome and engaging! Such a compelling story to go with every mission and it all connects one way or another. Being able to find ways to connect the farthest aspects of your story to each other really speaks to the aspiring author in me.

And the community. I can't speak for everyone or their experiences, but I'm not normally the type of person to enjoy playing video games with others. But after playing Warframe, I'm starting to turn around a bit.

For some context, I have a lot of games on my computer and it isn't the greatest, so I often experience at least a little bit of lag with whatever game I'm playing.

Earlier tonight (it is currently around 1:30 a.m. where I'm at but this happened a few minutes ago), I was doing a mission on the Plains and I was joined by a group of other players who were much higher level than I was (I'm still sort of starting out). So, before the mission started, I told them through chat that I was experiencing a lot of lag with my game, so I apologized ahead of time if I wasn't able to keep up with them and if I lagged behind in the mission. They said not to worry about it and we continued with the mission.


The mission was successful, and we all got back to Cetus in one piece. Through chat, I thanked them for their patience with me and that I did what I could to contribute (I contributed enough to level up my gear by a few levels, but not as much as I would've liked to help). They were all very kind and supportive, saying that they had fun and not to worry about lag since some of them had it as well.

It's both heartwarming and kind of sad that I was so surprised by their relaxed demeanor. These days, you don't see very chill players in online games anymore, at least not as much as I've seen in the Warframe community. I like knowing that I can be a part of this community without literally everyone being salty and angry all the time (I mean, I know there are still players like that, there are players like that in every community, but it seems less common here).

I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate how amazing this wonderful community is. It's really heartwarming to see a community of people who seem to support each other more than other communities, and it's nice to just be able to play a game without having to worry as much about someone being toxic as in other games. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for such a great and fun experience so far 💖

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