I keep an ongoing list of “Stuff I Want In Warframe” in my Discord server, figure I should share it

Warframe14 - I keep an ongoing list of "Stuff I Want In Warframe" in my Discord server, figure I should share it
  • Ability to send people direct messages to their inbox so you can message offline people (you can already do this by sending someone a cheap gift and including a gift message, just let us send people inbox messages without that faulderall).

  • Liches:

    > Ally Liches should not be able to spawn while you are in an active spy vault.

    > Affinity boosters should increase the amount of murmur progress you get (which would include Smeeta's Charm).

    > Lower the maximum time it can take a Lich to appear in your mission so they aren't spawning at the literal extraction tile.

    > Stop making Liches/Thralls spawn behind you.

    > Allow Thralls (but not Liches) to spawn anywhere, on any mission (albeit in lower quantities than in Lich-Controlled missions) so that you can more passively farm your Lich even while doing other things (ie help remove content islands).

  • ACTUAL universal vacuum– built in, not a mod (toggle in the settings, since I guess some people don't want vacuum for whatever reason).

  • Update the low-res textures of the flag/banner objects in the dojo.

  • "Delete All Decorations" option in the dojo.

  • "Contribute to all decorations" option in the dojo.

  • Ability to move dojo decorations on a grid without having to physically look to place them (ie like Forge in Halo Reach).

  • Charge-up weapons with >1 shot in a magazine (e.g. Ogris) should de-charge when you reload them while holding a charge, instead of reloading.

  • "RECENT CHATS" list: Like the Recent Players list, but shows the history of people with whom you've opened a chat window, so you can recover lost conversations in the event of DC, accidental tab close, etc.

  • Ability to lock the pilot seat of the Railjack so that only the owner can fly it/use navigation.

  • Ability to ground-slam with your fists for mobility purposes if you have no melee actually equipped.

  • Hildryn's ult should automatically equip Balefire because you can't use anything BUT Balefire in her ult, so why does it not autoequip?

  • Barefire Charger should have a more explosive/impressive FX when you fire it full charged.

    > As is, it doesn't look any different from an uncharged shot… just does more damage.

    > It should look like a mini nuke going off.

  • Additions for the Warframe Abilities Page in the Arsenal:

    > Ability to toggle on/off that frame's custom roll animations

    > Toggle for Inverse Tap/Hold Abilities for that frame specifically, rather than universal for all frames (because maybe Tap/Hold works fine on Vauban, but you want Hold/Tap on Ivara, for example).

    > For frames with ability variance (ie Equinox's default day/night spawn form, or Chroma's element), you should be able to select that via the Abilities Page, rather than having it be dependent on the energy or emissive.

    > For frames with appearance variance, the function in the abilities page to toggle on/off whether frames change appearance (ie with it off, Equinox would remain as Combined Form in missions regardless of her Day/Night state, or Nidus would remain in his 0-stacks appearance regardless of how many stacks he had, etc).

    > Functionality to rearrange the order of your frames' abilities via the Abilities Page.

  • Rapidfire explosive weapons, or weapons with no innate failsafe (such as minimum arming distance), and especially weapons that did not previously do self-damage should NOT have self-stagger (ie the Staticor or Seer), and Cautious Shot should

  1. Not be equippable/listed on ALL weapons like it currently is for some reason– it should only be equippable on weapons which actually benefit from it, and;

  2. Should be 100% instead of 90% to reduce all self-stagger effects because you're using an entire mod slot just for that benefit so it should have a perfect effect, and;

  3. There needs to be a Cautious Shot equivalent for sidearms because currently none exists… wut?

  • Please make Operators client-side like you did with weapon-swapping, so that rapid Transference in/out of your Operator isn't a laggy mess when you're not the host/solo.

  • Separate the option for the crosshair (X) hit marker from the option for damage numbers.

    > At present, one option toggles BOTH of them on or off, but I want the (X) hit marker but not the damage numbers.

  • Natural Talent should be an exilus mod.

  • Joining a public mission shouldn't IMMEDIATELY launch you into the mission– it should start a ~5 second timer, so you have time to cancel and leave if you didn't realize you were on public matchmaking when you clicked it.

  • You should not be blocked from trading an item to a player who does not meet the MR req for that item– you should be able to trade it, BUT of course have a giant red warning indicating that the recipient does not meet the MR requirements to craft the weapon yet so that they're aware of it and don't get fucked over in the short term. That way you can still sell it to them, and they know they'll have to wait a bit longer before they can actually make it if they choose to still go through with the trade.

  • Ability to "de-rank" mods on a per-build basis using only one mod.

    > ie. you could max out a corrupted mod like Blind Rage, put it on your build, but then "de-rank" it on that build to bring it to a rank that has the desires +/- combo.

  • Ability to mod out an entire build beforehand (even if you don't have enough capacity on the weapon yet) and just have it grey out any mods that exceed the capacity (with some sort of way to toggle which ones are active atm, and if you have more active than your current capacity allows, it won't let you back out of the config screen until you deactivate more mods).

  • Ability to bind a focus school to a particular BUILD (config slot), NOT just loadout.

  • Return the Kohm to its original glory of actually firing particles rather than being hitscan.

  • Spectres should inherit my custom appearance, not just default.

  • If a door is locked, and it unlocked while you're within auto-open range, it doesn't open until you leave auto-open range and re-enter range… hopefully you follow that. Basically if you're standing near a locked door and it unlocks, it will not automatically open until you step away and reapproach it– it should just open instantly.

  • Ability to tint dojo and orbiter decorations with custom colors.

  • "In-Line Private Messages" should NOT be on by default, as it more often than not ends up confusing players because they don't realize who they're replaying to or what chat window they're in.

  • Don't know if this is a bug or intentional change, but Sortie Defense on Lua no longer uses a Hostage, it uses a normal cryopod.

  • I would love to see the "While Aiming" requirement of the Acolyte mods be removed, since they already have both a timer and requirement to trigger already, I don't think they need extra requirements, and it's obnoxious having basically one mod missing if I don't aim.

  • In the mod list UI, the categories of mods (ie All, Exilus, Aura, Riven, etc) should not be intermixed with the polarity types (ie V, D, Dash, etc). Instead, all of them should be checkboxes, so you can check on/off which of each type you wanna see. > So, maybe you just want to see Auras with a V polarity, because that's the polarity your frame has. You can technically go to the Auras category and sort the list by polarity, but you still would have to scroll through the list to get to the polarity you want, rather than my method which would JUST show you Auras with a V polarity, nice and neat.

  • A user's profile equipment page should show if the user currently owns an item, rather than just if they've mastered it (so you can see what gear they do/don't currently own).

  • Volt and Frost's default shoulder armor should become auxiliary attachments, so you can use them alongside other shoulder armors (like what they did with Khora's default backspikes syandana).

  • Please change the color channels of the Redeemer Prime and Tenora so that there's not a metallic and matte color area on the same color channel

  • Doors should have much bigger open detection radius because often times when flying through a mission as Titania, I can't even get off the full extent of the speed that her 4's augment gives, because I have to slow down for the doors anyway if I don't want to crash into them.

  • Asymmetrical armor should have symmetrical options for both sides of the armor (even if it's a separate purchase).

  • Sentinels and other companions should take considerably less enemy aggro, and 0 aggro while their owner is bleeding out.

  • Please put the entire Arsenal in one big scrolling line rather than in tabs That way, people with small screens win, and people with big screens win too.

  • Access to Syndicate stores from anywhere via the ESC menu, just like how you can access the Nightwave store or Lich screen from anywhere.

    > Would enable buying of Syndicate items directly from the dojo without having to back out and reinvite.

  • Ability to adjust the position and rotation of syandanas.

  • Nova Prime's 1 and 2 should use the color of the accent channel, similar to Rhino's Iron Skin.

  • Ability to rearrange dojo rooms without deleting their contents.

  • More dojo colors that aren't neon or more variations of white.

  • Void dashing that results in a travel distance of <3m should automatically refund your void energy.

  • Poster decorations for your Orbiter shouldn't glow because it causes them to be so blown out that you can't see what's on them.

  • Ability to rename teleporters in the dojo without having to delete-and-remake them.

  • Ability to lock a loadout so that you can't edit the contents of it without unlocking it, that way on dedicated loadouts (like "Nekros Farming Loadout") you don't accidentally go changing everything without realizing it.

  • Cruise control for Railjack (just like your car– push a button and it keeps going the same speed without having to hold down the accelerator).

  • Ability to see Dome Charge count either as Pilot or via the tactical menu in your RJ.

  • Assignable hotkeys for Tactical Avionics (either usable anywhere or just hotkey from the Tac Menu, either way).

  • Remove syndicate rep gain from sigils, and instead simply toggle your "active syndicate" via the syndicate screen to determine which syndicate you'll be earning rep for.

    > How much rep you earn will be determined by your current rank (ie the same values as the sigils currently available at each respective rank).

  • "Autoplay" option for the Launcher, so that the game launches immediately upon completing an update, rather than having to click "Launch" manually once it's done.

  • Clan dojo key crafting duration should be reduced the longer you've gone without switching clans, so that users joining a new clan don't have to wait quite so long, but users who "clan hop" will still be "punished" with increased dojo key craft timers, to mitigate frequent hopping.

  • Parasitic/Energy-Leech Eximus should have a visible tether to show where you're being drained from.

  • Allow one of the color channels on the Synoid-type weapons and skins influence the specular highlight color of those items.

  • Clicking "Apply Mods" from a linked build, and applying the build to an empty config slot (ie no mods on it) should not require the override prompt.

  • Ability to donate captured wildlife to the dojo so that you can create wildlife nature reserves.

  • The ability to customize which resources you want to appear as a special popup in the bottom left corner, because we don't all care about the same items popping up there.

  • Ability to actually post hyperlinks in in-game chat, that you can click on and redirect out of the game to your browser; Would be SO damn useful for:

    > Giving people Discord invites

    > Linking them to the Wiki

    > Linking them to… literally anything

    > EVE can do it, why not Warframe?

  • For dojos: Button to preview a room's decorations all in their completed state for a brief time, just like how you can preview a room's lighting for a brief time prior to the craft being done

  • Vasca kavat's revive cooldown should show a visual timer so you know if going down will result in a revive or not.

  • Please make pets stop doing idle animations every 2 seconds while you're customizing their appearance.

  • Baro should be a quick-travel option in Relays,

  • You should be able to change the appearance of a heavy weapon separate from its archwing state (ie it currently must use Appearance A when used on the ground– it should just let you pick which appearance you want to use in space, and which one you want on the ground).

  • "Delete All" button for what you've typed into the chat box, so if you type out a whole thing and it rejects because of the messaging cooldown, you can just delete it and come back to it later without having to hold backspace for 5 minutes.

  • Menu to see login progress at any time you want to, rather than JUST during your daily login reward.

  • Vazarin change: tap to insta-revive, hold to revive normally so you can control whether you want to consume a quick revive or not.

  • Ability to favorite frames and weapons so they appear at the top of your list first.

  • More audio options to choose to enable/disable certain transmission characters– ie Don't like Ordis? Disable him. Don't like Otak? Disable him. Don't like Lotus? Disable her. Global Transmission Volume and "Muting" Ordis just don't really cut it.

  • Warframe abilities should be chat-linkable.

  • The config selection when selecting an ability to subsume should show your custom name for each loadout and not just generic "Configuration A" etc so that I don't have to go back to the fucking arsenal to double-check which loadout is which.

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