I Love This Game, This is the Worst Experience I’ve Had Yet.

Warframe11 - I Love This Game, This is the Worst Experience I've Had Yet.

Edit: at least they seem aware of this stuff. https://twitter.com/rebbford/status/1242604592216580097?s=19

Dear Digital Extremes,

Please stop pushing out content that is not ready. Please.





Dear Players,

Please stop asking DE for more content, more often. They obviously can not properly manage the expectation.

(I know you guys haven't done a lot of that lately, they heard content drought complaints and went way too far with it and that's not your fault but going forward just.. be careful what you wish for.)





I'm a fan boy. I love this game, I defend it frequently. I've got thousands of hours in it on both Xbox and PC. I've probably dumped thousands of dollars into it. I enjoy playing Warframe. I feel good about the time and money I spend on it, usually. My friends and I joke about Warframe while playing all the time. You'll hear "How does it work? No One Knows" and "That's Bugframe" and the like come across Discord all the time, but usually in good fun. usually. This is because usually the game is still playable if not a little quirky.

But this…

This is on a level that is genuinely starting to frustrate me to a point where, despite how much I want the rewards from this event, I just quit the game and said "I guess I'll pick this back up when Reddit tells me they've fixed this mess".

Like a good portion of you, I too am stuck in quarantine and as much as I was anticipating new content to dig into during this incredibly boring, isolating time. I very much wish DE would've waited to release this.


  1. There is zero transparency about how any of these systems work in game. How do you get credits? Are there bonuses? What is the timer for? How do you get emblems? Does everyone need to put down the beacon? Does having more beacons down do anything? What do the points mean? The game does not answer any of these questions. I'm used to relying on the Wiki when it comes to Warframe but I'm starting to feel like the Devs are starting to rely on the Wiki to explain things so they don't have to bother because they know "Players will just google it anyway". That's unacceptable.

  2. Every time you open a relay you get a seemingly random set of "flotillas" with varying degrees of progress. This is something I didn't realize for a full day.

  3. When you see a flotilla that says 22/100 and join it, the chance that you'll end up in that flotilla seems utterly random.

  4. A good ~50% of the time I select a flotilla and end up in a "0/100 No Mission Available" flotilla that is empty.

  5. Your progress isn't kept between flotillas meaning if you leave one, and don't come back to the exact same one (which is impossible to do with any predictability because like I said earlier the selection you are presented with is random and there is no marker indicating which one you have progress in) which means when you find a flotilla you have to stay in it for the entire duration or you don't get the bonus. There is no "oh a friend got online, better squad up with him and start the mission over"

  6. You lose your squad every time you leave a flotilla.

  7. Only the host can start the Railjack mission, but anyone can start the ground mission?

  8. The matchmaking simply doesn't work. I have yet to have anyone join any of my space missions, and whether or not I get someone in my ground mission seems random. I've waited for 20 minutes before and got no one, and I've waited for 2 minutes and got a full squad. (on a timed mission waiting around for your squad to fill up feels terrible)

  9. The markers for the satellites in Railjack missions frequently stop showing up on the 2nd or 3rd Murex forcing you to return to the flotilla and start over.

  10. It seems to be impossible to join another group if you have anyone at all in your squad. If you have even 1 other person in your squad it seems to put you in your own group immediately every time (this is problematic for me because my Railjack isn't fleshed out and doesn't survive the Murex missions on it's own but I can't join someone else's unless I want to play without my friends)

  11. With some frequency I just straight up get kicked out missions. (I have gigabit with an Open NAT)

  12. Roughly 40% of the missions I do manage to get into result in a host migration and complete loss of progress.

  13. About 30% of the time I lose my ability to jump or aim glide for the entire duration of missions.



I could probably go on for the next week listing everything that is making me not want to play this at all, I'm gonna stop here.


We all understand what happened here DE, you teased an experience at Tennocon that you could not properly deliver on. This isn't the "Squadlink" we saw at Tennocon. This isn't even close, and that's ok, but what this ended up being is terrible. It is terrible. I'm sorry. I feel bad about saying that but it's 100% the God's honest truth. This is bad. It feels bad. It works poorly. It's incredibly frustrating, and it's making me put your game down for the time being.


Experiences like this make me not want to play the game. I have a dozen far less stressful games I could be playing. I want to play Warframe, but not if it's just going to frustrate and upset me.


The next time you figure out you can't deliver on a promise, just tell us. You're so honest with us in so many other ways. You have no reason to be afraid to be honest with us about failed content experiments, and DE… this is without a doubt a failed content experiment.

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