I love Warframe, but I wish it had less finnicky issues and was less of a slog for new players

Warframe15 - I love Warframe, but I wish it had less finnicky issues and was less of a slog for new players

I'm "new" to Warframe (started in November). I really love this game, I truly do – but I feel like Warframe must be the best worst game I've ever played for a variety of reasons.

The new player experience is just complete and total ass, feeling like a "trial by fire" before getting to the good bits.

Tutorial is bad. UI is bad. I won't repeat this because everyone does.

Nothing feels like it has any purpose or meaning for a very long time — I remember being infodumped at to kill Vor and just not caring whatsoever and then killing him in like 4 hits with exalted blade. I was like… what's the point? This story sucks and nobody is interesting and all I do is run through the same 5 missions over and over again. Star map is so goddamn boring. There needs to be more interesting plot threads earlier on to encourage players to participate in the game more. Literally any kind of intrigue. This game has some of the best story I've seen in a game. Why is it only visible like 20-40~ hours in?

Some of the requirements for these relays are just absolutely terrible. For no real reason. Every time I bring someone through the game I dread two relay prerequisites — the Mars cephalon fragment hunt and the Uranus (?) grineer caches. God, why? What does the player gain from running around a tileset for 45 minutes looking for items on the floor? It is so counter intuitive to the player having fun it's unreal. The 3 grineer caches can even spawn behind destructible underwater walls in your archwing (since when have those been used?) and under tiny gaps in the floor. Why?


Cool story stuff is always interspersed with just the worst gimmick I've ever seen, diffusing just how cool the story missions are. Like the bone worms in The War Within which kill you over and over and force you to look at the operator death screen because you stepped 3 pixels into the hitbox of a skull on the floor. Capturing emoji ghosts in Chains of Harrow with fiddly synthesis scanners. Etc. Holy fuck why

And on the side, things that could be really cool and fun are just kind of left rotting. Like Lunaro. Casual Lunaro could be so fun but nobody plays it because it's just kind of ditched and left in the background. I'd even play it with my friends just as a 4v4 squad if it wasn't just the worst possible experience to get you and your friends on the appropriate teams. Lunaro AI is impossible but it would be so nice.

I love this game but I think Warframe has a long way to go and needs to spend a lot of time just kind of scrubbing the jank off stuff and making the experience way more streamlined and interesting for new players. It has so much weird unnecessary finnicky bullshit getting in the way of a super fun experience. 🙁

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