I miss the Warframe part of Warframe.

Warframe11 - I miss the Warframe part of Warframe.

The Second Dream was huge, and a lot of the content that has come out ever since has been exciting and cool. But I feel like that big update added something to the game, opened a door that hasn't been shut, and has birthed a problem that has slowly spiraled out of control, all the way to the current debacles.

I don't like playing as the little kid.

I picked up Warframe so I could have magical space ninja armor and super cool sci-fi guns. I loved bullet jumping and gliding through the air and being able to consume bullets. I put hours and hours into farming mods, crafting weapons, getting my frames and my arsenal up to snuff between taking breaks.

Then there was this huge plot twist. This whole time I was a psychic kid, and now I could erupt from my Warframe and do a mega laser attack! It was an enhancement to my already impressive arsenal, I was so hype!

Then the kid became a whole playable thing. With a skill tree, and an increasingly inadequate beam weapon. Not as mobile as my frame, not the playstyle I liked because I'm so fragile I die when I pull them out for 3 seconds. But it was fine, it's not like all future content was going to be based around this part of the game I wasn't really into.

… Right?

Plains of Eidelon is almost entirely based around leveling up your little kid and his weapon, which can pretty much only be done by being very strong already. Cool. That makes me want to engage with it even less.

The Kuva Fortress comes out. The missions for gathering this material you need for almost all new Warframes is only attainable by having a very strong little kid. Cool cool cool.


New Warframes are coming out, but I'm expected to use them less and less, everything is increasingly ONLY vulnerable to psychic kid mode. It gets steadily more frustrating, because meaningful progress keeps getting gatekept when I pop out of my bad-ass, favorite magic-mech-thing to fire my piddly little laser at something for 5 minutes to finally break it while a vauge glance from an enemy will send me disappearing into my suit again, but now with a big debuff, and no easy way to make that less tedious and awful.

Then, out comes Empyrian. A whole new set of "here, don't play Warframe anymore!" Unrelated grinding that is clearly going to be increasingly neccesarry for all future events, no matter how much I dislike the system or really truly don't want to engage with it. Now a terrible event is dependant on it, which I imagine will be the case going forward.

Every new innovation has felt like "hey, you must be tired of playing Warframe. Let's do something completely unrelated!" Instead of continuing the story, instead of giving us really awesome new mechanics to use with our Warframes, or exciting enhancements to our Warframes, or new things to do with our Warframes, everything seems to be trying desperately to slap uncecceaary side activities onto the entire fracas and then do everything possible to force you to take part before the next vaugely related mess.

I miss playing Warframe. I miss being able to just have the frames I built up, have the playstyle I choose, and working with people to get through the game. The game I started playing to have cool space ninja adventures as a space ninja. Not a little psychic kid. Not a big spaceship with a crew. Not even weird clunky jetpacks.

I want to play Warframe. To see the story progress, to find cool new things that build off the solid core mechanics as opposed to bolting on random side stuff. And it feels like DE is DEAPRATE for me to do ANYTHING but that.

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