I Really Hope the Next Open World Zone Explores more Infested Content

Warframe2 - I Really Hope the Next Open World Zone Explores more Infested Content

With it, I hope we get access to infested modular primaries. We really don't have enough. I don't have enough. So far, most of the infested weapons we've received have been pretty tame. Some interesting exceptions (Phage, Mutalist Quanta/Cernos) are still feeling a bit powercreeped, even with a good Riven and the previous ranged weapon balancing (but we'll see how MQ does with that Nightwave mod, plus MQ has some crazy synergies). There are still plenty of good performers (Lesion, Scoliac, Plague Zaws), but we still need more variety. I still need more variety. I have some ideas:

Barrel – Determines shot shape

  • Full-Auto Projectile, 60-100ms flight speed, slight arc, small aoe. Not much to see here, just Scourge with an arc.
  • Semi-Auto Projectile, 40-60ms flight speed, arcing cone. Just a semi-auto vomit of gross stuff, the shotgun barrel. I'm imagining a belching mouth.
  • AoE Charge, 60-80ms flight speed, arcing ball. Stug, but a primary. Longer the charge, the larger the ball and AoE radius. Has a very slight bounce and roll, like a dirty diaper, then explodes after a short window (2s tops). Explodes on enemy contact. Thinking about several prehensile tongues just rolling a bunch of regurgitated stuff into a ball, then catapulting and/or spitting it out.
  • Tendril held trigger, shoots out a squirming, barbed tentacle that lashes at enemies (20-40m); the faster you whip it around, the more damage it does (has a max cap). When it kills a target, it grabs that target and can be used to ragdoll struck enemies; the grabbed body's max health modifies damage (adding impact). Releasing the trigger retracts the tentacle and releases the target; reloading does not retract the tendril, but when the "mag" is empty, the tendril goes limp. Reloading this way takes longer than reloading it while retracted. Finally, applies the receiver's effect on struck enemies.
  • Semi-Auto Charge, fires a seeking swarm of projectiles; charging results in a larger swarm. The swarm will attack the target closest to the reticle then jump to nearby enemies. Enemies affected have reduced accuracy and movement, swatting and shooting at the same time. Could look like a…hive structure of some sort.
  • Arcing Stream held, just a continuous stream of gross stuff. Creates an AoE puddle where it hits the ground. The longer you concentrate a spot, the bigger the puddle gets.
  • Full Auto Spines? Like a Xbow? A little boring, but the easiest to use. No arc (they have little wings, like a cuttlefish), fast projectile speed (150-200ms), maybe a similar effect to Buzlock, except your first hit is your tracer and the spines have limited homing on that target to make it easier to switch targets. If you're outer reticle is on the target, then they will home in, but if you move off target they will shoot straight again. Looks like a swirling, writhing mass of tubes, like an anemone. These flying cuttlefish burrow into enemies, applying the effect being carried.
  • That's all I got.

Receiver – Determines what weird stuff you're shooting

  • How about a gun that shoots mindworms at a target? They strike a target with very light corrosive damage, but after a short time (2-3s) they make the target go into a sleep state. This state very slowly drains ammo and remains active even if the mindworm gun is swapped out. Holding alt-fire commands the mindworms to eat the matter around them, damaging the host. Doing this causes enemies to go into a frenzy attacking anything nearby. Alt-fire drains ammo as its held. The more maggots that have been applied (measured in stacks on target), the more damage it does. However, more stacks also drain ammo more quickly, and scales with how many enemies are effected. When the "mag" is empty, the mindworms die and must be reapplied. Enemies killed in this way have a random chance to drop a random orb, the excrement of the mindworms' feast. The vomit stream barrel will create a pile of these maggots; they will attach themselves to enemies wading through, acquiring stacks with time spent in puddle.
  • Corrosive Tar like a Tar Mutalist Moa. Not much to say, initial corrosive damage plus corrosive over time and slow effect. Projectiles leave a temporary trail, forming a puddle or stream that lasts 3-5s. In addition, forms a small pool under where it strikes.
  • Heavier-than-air gas, does…gas damage and procs. Hangs down from it's arcs in a cloudy curtain, dealing constant gas damage to enemies standing in it. Dmg/tick multiplier is dependent on width of the curtain, and thus width of the projectile, but you can still lay multiple curtains. Hangs around for 6-9s. The vomit stream barrel will create a growing gloud.
  • A variant of Nidus' maggots. If they strike the ground, they bounce up on their legs and seek out the nearest enemy. If they strike an enemy, they bite the enemy with a mix of IPS dmg and corrosive. If they strike an ally, they form a symbiotic bond with the ally and provide damage absorbing charges, like Health conversion (stacks with health conversion?); charges will also absorb CC effects (this part seems OP). Using the vomit stream creates a writhing, wriggling pile of them that prop up after getting their bearings; they seek out the closest enemy*.* Would also allow allies to pick up maggots without being struck. > Alt fire detonates the maggots, creating either a cloud of viral spores if bursting off an enemy or a cloud of light health regen if bursting off an ally.


  • These would determine various stat values, such as rate of fire, +projectile speed, CC and CD, status chance, and of course magazine size. Fulfills the same function as Kitgun mags.

I don't think modular weapons should have more than 3 parts. It would be too resource/time/inventory intensive.

In addition to these modular weapons, I think it would be a good opportunity to explore the origins of Nidus, Helminth, and the larger Infested mass bioweapon. How do they relate? Maybe hint the idea that Nidus is actually the first Warframe (sort of, like a ProtoFrame), developed from Infested material, attuned to the Tenno instead of their Hive Mind. I think Helminth is basically that buffer or shield against the larger Infested intelligence, and gives the Tenno the ability to control portions of the Infested bioweapon by spawning individual thinking entities, which can then be offered a pact of symbiosis with what amounts to a warrior-god. It's in the symbiote's (i.e. Nidus, infested weapons, Djinn, infested attachment's/syandanas) best interest for survival.

TL;DR: I'm obviously not sober, I just want more Infested/Mutalist/Helminth content. I appreciate all you TennoGen creators who let me transform Warframes and weapons into biomechanical aberrations. I just hope DE has something big in the works for Infested. If anyone has ideas, share 'em.

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