I regret doing so much testing with Lavos and the Helminth System, and here’s why (Note for DE inside)

Warframe15 - I regret doing so much testing with Lavos and the Helminth System, and here’s why (Note for DE inside)

As most if not all of us know, Lavos is centered around the elemental kits usable at his disposal.

Sadly, trying to do ANYTHING Helminth doesn’t work for the poor guy. It was kind of expected that you wouldn’t be able to channel a specific element if you replaced it’s correspondant (ie: no Cold if Vial Rush is removed) but the subsumed ability also will not get the bonus from the infused element.

Now, why would anyone care? Surely there’s nothing exceedingly valuable that would come out of this if it wasn’t so? Here’s a couple of completely unused Subsumable abilities (and a couple neat ones) that would work wonderfully and bring new life to some of the Helminth System.

Xata’s Whisper: Can be used to add Void onto abilities. One of few that can act as a Infusion. It would enable Lavos to add a chance to proc the Infused Element and Void as well as normal status on the weapon.

Expedite Suffering: A beauty. This would enable adding Toxin based on damage from Catalyze, which can then be used with a Toxin ES, making a tri-nuke on enemies in the cone of range. A once obsolete ability pulled from the depths to become something great.

Smite: Add Cold, Viral, or Corrosive to get something that would spread better than Vial Rush at the cost of being 2 seconds longer between casts.

Ensnare: Add Cold for getaway positions and the enemy would build up the 10 proc top over time, ending at the release of the Snare. Great for Noxes and annoying jerks like it.

Condemn: Add Heat or Toxin to proc on the hapless souls for even more Shields.


Pillage: Blazing Pillage Augument, but you don’t need the Augument. Throw on some heat and watch the armor strip go brrrr

Banish: Radiation Banish would be exceedingly nice for diversions and making enemies target each other despite their inability to harm or be harmed unless also in the Rift. Mix with Cold to help cheese Spy or Rescue missions by negating the Warden’s abilities to set off alarms.

Shock: Smite, but slightly worse. If you’re not running a high af range, this might be better however.

Nourish: Free Toxin Status, can be mixed with Infused element to help spread much like described with Xata’s Whisper. Can be used to infuse Toxin.

Roar: Grant all allies and yourself a chance to proc the element plus the DPS increase. Looking Cool free Corrosive!

Defy: Apply the Infused Proc on final hit and gain a resistance to the element that caps at 90% (scales with armor, only reduces damage when health would be damaged. Great for Infested)


Look at the list above. This would be an excellent piece of love to Lavos and would cause more players to seek out the Helminth system and grind the resources. Not only that, but this new synergy system causes using Lavos to be underwhelming when trying to use Subsumed without it. I can understand if you would patch this, but man this is a desperately needed thing to make him once more another beacon of light that can finally push out Mesa from the chain of command. Maybe.

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