I spoke to someone in Region and he had some interesting ideas on how to improve Wukong.

Warframe7 - I spoke to someone in Region and he had some interesting ideas on how to improve Wukong.

I had a long chat with someone in Region earlier. He was a die hard Wukong player. The reason being that he's a history student, and Journey to the West is his favourite book. He studies Chinese history. We got talking about why Wukong was so bad, and we started discussing how he could be reworked. A lot of the ideas he had would probably be too OP or require way too much work, or just not work at all…I really think he had some great ideas.

I said he should post it on Reddit, but he said he wasn't familiar with it and I should. So here I am.

  1. In the book, the Iron Staff can shrink or grow to any length at Wukongs command. So for Iron Jab, have holding 1 rapidly increase the range of the attack. After 1 is let go Wukong slams the staff down and it knocksdown anything within either side in a cylinder attack. Charging increases damage but also energy use. It would probably need to cap out at a certain range, but something reasonably long. The staff also glows with a holy light in the book. So it also causes a short AOE blind outside the knockdown.

  2. Basically Wukongs whole deal in the book is that he challenges people to prove he can do anything anyone can do but better. It defines his character. So, have Defy take any buff off of any other Warframe. Mirages Mirrors, Ivara's Stealth, Mesa's peacemakers. When he presses his 2 he just gets a copy of whatever buffs the closest Warframe to him has (like I said, some of this might be OP and impossible).

  3. Wukongs cloud Nimbus is what he uses to get around. He rides around on it…he doesn't become it. The cloud is a summonable vehicle that Wukong can get on and off. When he's on it he can fly around, and he gets a buff that makes him dodge attacks. He can shoot and melee attacks make him swing down off the side. And this one is a bit crazy but I have to include it because it sounds hilarious, and I genuinely think it'd be great. Everyone else in the squad can get on the cloud. In the book he takes people with him. So why the fuck not? Your whole team can jump on and sit back to back in a circle, shooting off the side. Tell me that wouldn't be brilliant. Obviously there would be some issues with doors. But you could get the Warframes fairly close together, and the cloud itself doesn't need to have a hitbox…it's a cloud. And the tech for Dargyns and Railjack might mean it's actually possible.

  4. Thematically he didn't have an issue with, but Wukong is meant to be undefeatable with his staff. Part of the book is that he's searching for the perfect weapon to match his skill. So his exalted should have a defensive as well as offensive component. So give it 80/90% 360 degree block when melee 3.0 comes out, when blocking becomes automatic. Effectively given Wukong a 90% damage reduction while his 4 was active.

I'm aware all of this together is probably way too much work for a rework and also way too powerful. But I genuinely loved some of his ideas, and I thought people should hear them. Maybe it can be toned down.

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