I subsumed Xata’s Whisper onto all Warframes with exalted weapons, here are the results.

Warframe6 - I subsumed Xata's Whisper onto all Warframes with exalted weapons, here are the results.

After seeing the amazing pairing of Excalibur's Chromatic Blade with Xata's Whisper, I decided to try it on all Warframes that use exalted weapons to gauge how well they interact.


His wind waves do not benefit from either the damage boost or the void status effect of Xata's Whisper. His fist strikes and slam attacks are both able to proc void status effect and could be used to hunt sentients. The damage gain is minimal against normal mobs and it is difficult to land hits without using his wind waves. I don't think that this ability pairs well with Baruuk's normal play style.


Both the energy waves and the Chromatic blade benefit from the damage boost of Xata's Whisper and are able to proc the void status effect. This is especially powerful on Excalibur because it allows his energy waves to hit the same target multiple times. I give him 10/10 for both hunting sentients and clearing regular mobs.


Her Balefire Charger only benefits from the multishot damage boost and does not seem to proc the void status effect. Because Balefire Charger has very high base damage the extra multishot does significant damage against unarmored enemies. However, it is almost always faster to clear mobs with a different weapon and the lack of utility against sentients makes this one a hard sell for me.


I really wanted Ivara's Artemis Bow to work with this ability. Sadly it only seems to benefit from the extra damage and is not able to proc the void status effect. I really hope that this is an oversight by the developers because I think that she could benefit from the void bubble against normal mobs more than any other frame on this list. Note that the extra multishot does not add more arrows to her shots and only applies on hit. As a side note, Concentrated Arrow doesn't seem to benefit very much if at all.



Although her whip is a borderline exalted weapon I still wanted to give her a shot because she is so meta. Xata's Whisper has no effect at all on her Whipclaw.


Her Regulators benefit from both the damage boost and void status effect. The damage boost didn't seem to give her much of an edge when fighting mobs. I measured about a 1-second difference in TTK against 20 LVL 165 heavy gunners. However, against sentients, this could be a very useful ability.


Dex Pixia benefits from both the extra damage and the void status effect. The extra damage is minimal against normal enemies and the void status effect actually gets in the way of headshots lowering her overall damage. Against sentients, though her high status chance and high damage output could be extremely useful.


Hysteria performed well benefiting from both the extra damage and void status effect. This seems to help CO out a little against normal mobs (although this could be placebo) and is deadly against sentients. If you want a frame to farm Lua sentient fighters she might be a good choice.


The Iron Staff benefits from both the damage boost and the void status effect. With its excellent reach, it can actually put down quite a few bubbles despite its low status chance. Again, the extra status effect seemed to help CO a little against standard enemies, however, I think that a different melee weapon would work better in most situations.

I hope this is helpful to those looking to not waste resources. Please let me know if I missed anything or if you have something to add.

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