I think the 60% of Nightwave challenges to hit rank 30 is off… Math inside

Warframe6 - I think the 60% of Nightwave challenges to hit rank 30 is off... Math inside

Was looking at these more with the new weekly set of challenges/bounties/acts and came up with conflicting information to what the devs stated.

Each week there are:

  • 7 dailies at 1k a piece. Incidentally dailies stack for up to 3 days.
  • 7 weeklies at 3k a piece.
  • 3 high end weeklies at 5k a piece.
  • Total of 43k possible a week.
  • Individual convict captures are 50 rep and usually come in groups of three.

Earnings requirements are:

  • 10k rep per rank for 30 ranks. Total of 300,000 rep.
  • Per developer comments this nightwave will last for 10 weeks. 30k rep needed a week.

Now for math:

  • You need ~70% of the week's available rep without any captures.
  • Each elite weekly is ~11% of the week's rep. If you miss all three elite weeklies every week you will likely miss the max rep unless you capture like mad (40 convicts a week every week).
  • Missing two elite weeklies would require you to do everything else for the week other than 1 weekly or 3 dailies.
  • Some challenges may not be possible within a week such as the ayatan challenge. If you didn't have 5 ayatans on hand or get lucky the only recourse was shelling out plat.

Initial reactions:

  • This seems pretty aggressive and limiting. What if you're away from your console or PC for a week?
  • Elite weeklies seem very critical. Maybe too much.
  • Captives and the wolf are supposed to get more common as it goes on. This is a big unknown currently.
  • It will be very difficult to prestige and get excess wolf creds. This sucks for new players who need those creds.
  • Anyone joining our returning mid nightwave act is possibly screwed. You miss 3 weeks and it becomes nearly impossible to max without convict captures. Catch up mechanic maybe?
  • I know you don't need to get everything but collection is one of the key elements of Warframe.
  • With the addition of 60 minute survival elite weeklies there will be more divides. Some can't do very long missions due to other constraints or connections, etc.
  • Friendgame may be rough for solo players.
  • Easiest solution may be just extending an act 2-3 more weeks.
  • More dailies or weeklies may help too.
  • Dailies could be worth 2k. Incentivize high end play or frequent play. Also puts weekly rep to an even 50k.
  • It is early and these are growing pains that can be adjusted.
  • Nightwave is a really cool addition to Warframe; having alienating requirements that make it near impossible to hit max rank or feel like a chore may kill engagement which is the opposite of it's goal.

TL;DR: need 70% of a week's rep to hit 30, not 60%. Rep requirements seem very tight and focused on elite weeklies.


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