I would like to thank DE for their effort in fixing Liches and Scarlet Spear ❤️

Warframe11 - I would like to thank DE for their effort in fixing Liches and Scarlet Spear ❤️

Yes, they should have released those contents as they are now, but I'm thankful that they didn't abandon the projects. This week I was able to farm and max all the arcanes that I wanted and I found the experience a good one and most of the time fun too. Sure, nerfing Limbo and Khora were hard, but at least with that we were able to bring different frames and use different strategies to complete Murex missions. I enjoyed being able to switch frames and using Vazaryn to heal oplinks as well maxing out the efficiency of the squad in the ground missions. I also found the double rewards bonus and the amount of credits/points in each mission a good thing. Of course, I'm talking about the current Scarlet Spear. There is nothing to complain in my opinion, the missions themselves could be better designed, but the grind is rewarding and you feel like you earned what you got. I'm quite happy with myself for being able to max out all the arcanes that I know I can find a use for.

Side note, without this event I would never be able to achieve that because I won't play Eidolon hunts even if my life depended on it. So please, find another way for us players to farm focus for our operator. I have more than 2.5k hours in the game and not a single focus three maxed out. Focus farming is a chore and not in the least fun, having to destroy your lens to put in another one is completely unproductive and I literally don't put lens in my weapons because of that. Otherwise, I would be willing to waste plat doing it. Hunting Eidolons for focus is also a chore since you have to time yourself to do that, the fight takes forever and it's not that great of an experience. Give us options when it comes to farming anything and having more options when it comes to focus would be great. I wanna max out my threes, but I don't want to waste lens nor stay forever inside ESO killing stuff with Saryn. And farming tridolons is a no no.


About liches, having the option to see what weapon you are going to roll when farming liches was an amazing idea, much better than resetting the lich and then going for another one. This gave us the option of quick runs for what we actually want in the game. I don't mind the murmur farm as long I know what I'm getting in the end, farming murmur for something you don't want felt like you were slapping yourself each time your started a mission. But now that you know you are getting a weapon or ephemera you want, farming murmur makes it all worthwhile.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the fixes and my current experience going after those contents in Warframe. Now all you guys have to do is fix Railjack and maybe I'll waste my time grinding avionics and the other stuff. I watched DE Scott interview for Quite Shallow and I'm glad with the plans that he has in mind. Nevertheless, thank you for listening to the feedback and putting even more effort in those updates. Although the initial experience wasn't good, right now it is a great one (at least it is for me). I know that the amount of negativity you guys are receiving currently must be soul-crushing, but I'm happy y'all haven't given up on the game and are trying your best to deliver the experience you had in mind. So thank you for working hard and giving me a great experience as a result.

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