Idea for a New Game Mode

Warframe3 - Idea for a New Game Mode

So I personally do not find lots of Warframe to be challenging except for DE just scaling level so I thought I would try my hand at a new gamemode idea. This post may be a bit long and will more than likely be written over a few days so lets get at it.

Gamemode Idea: Citadel

The Citadel Gamemode would be a multifloor mission with random modifiers for each floor. Similar to Arbitration there would be a randomly selected Faction assigned to the Citadel:

Infested, Grineer, Corpus, Corrupted, Sentient, Crossfire

This would allow for a variety of playstyles to be implemented into the Citadel while still scaling difficulty. Before you start into the Citadel Itself you will have to do an Archwing Segment where you have to break open the entrance to the Citadel. Once this is done you must do the First Floor which is an Exterminate of the corresponding Faction. Then you must climb higher in the Citadel with the following Floors ascending upwards for a total of 8 additional floors which would total to 9 floors plus an archwing segment. Before starting each of the 8 additional floors your whole team will be given a screen with buffs and debuffs they can pick from that last for that whole floor.

The Buffs and Debuffs would work like this:

You would have a total of three catagories to choose from. The first would be a squad buff that would be complimented with a squad debuff.

ie. Plus 25% Health – Minus 25% Secondary Damage

The second buff would be a Weapon Type Boost while the enemies on the floor would get a buff.

ie. Plus 50% Toxin for Melee – Plus 50% Enemy Damage

The Final Boost would be a Random Squad Buff and a Random Enemy Buff.

The entire squad will vote and whichever option has the most votes will get selected for that floor. In the case of the tie a random option between the tied options will be selected.

Each of these 8 floors will be a take on the Mission types in the game. The modifications for each gamemode will be below with some removed for obvious reasons. The major point of each floor is to get a key that will allow you to open the Elevator/Door to the next floor. The Floor Type is randomly selected and can duplicate.

Floor Types:

Defense: 5 Wave Defense With a Weakened Target that must be defended until Lotus can get the Target open to get the key.

Capture: Standard Capture but you have to hunt down a High Priority Target before it escapes from the Floor. When I say High Priority I mean something harder to kill than the standard member of the faction and not just a Lore Target like the Sergeant who is a joke. Similar to Demolysts in the way that you only have so long to capture them. The Target will drop a key to the next floor.

Interception: 6 Point Interception to cut down on Camping being a viable strategy and entice people to further cooperate. This floor would have a digital lock that Lotus must intercept data for to unlock.

Spy: Normal 3 Console Spy but with no Ciphers and Indestructible Cameras like in Kuva Fortress. Increased Security and lower hack time. Same as last time you have a digital lock that must be opened.

Sabotage: Standard Sabotage but oriented around busting open the Elevator/Door to the next floor due to the lack of a key. This Sabotage would be team oriented so you have to cooperate to finish the mission.

Rescue/Defection Hybrid: A squad of people were trapped in this floor due to injuries but have a key. If you bring them back to the elevator so they can be picked up they will give you the key to progress onto the next floor. They are severely weakened and cannot be revived. Picking up life Support Packages from enemies will heal them but only so many of these packages can spawn during the floor.


Infested Salvage/Survival Hybrid: This floor is unique in that it is always occupied by infested. You must survive 10 Minutes while being barraged by Infested so the infestation holding the key can be destroyed allowing for access to the key. Juggernauts are common spawns on this floor and can spawn without the normal process on infested missions. If a member of the party is killed they will respawn as "infested". The process for this is simple, the revived party member is first given an effect that is similar to the graphical effect that Nidus' Parasitic Link has on a target and then is given an enemy AI that will attack the other Players as if the revived person was infested. The revived person will watch their warframe attack as if you are dead and watching another players screen. The revived frame will have access to all equipped abilities but will not use Exalted Weapons similar to Excalibur Umbra's Passive AI. After the Key is acquired all infested in the room will die along with the revived frames but will not drop resources. All revived frames will enter bleedout and can be revived with all of those effects being discarded.

SO/ESO Variant: A Cephalon that has been Corrupted by the Void will notify you of it's presence and inform you that for helping Simaris you are being sentenced to death. It will begin to summon endless waves of the Citadel's Current Faction for the same amount of time as 3 Stages of SO/ESO. Afterwords it will inform you that you have avoided death this time and the elevator door will be unlocked once you arrive at it.

Not doing other ones but you should get the point.

Now you might be thinking this is cool or an absolute shitshow but there is a point to doing this besides just having a challenge. This is where I get into the rewards for clearing the whole Citadel since you don't get drops per floor. This is the Vault System. Besides it might sounding like Isolation Vaults or Orokin Vaults they are not the same. Once you clear the 9th Floor the next floor will be a Vault. The Vault will be a place where you gets lots of loot for your journey. The Vault Tier is determined randomly but there is a special rule if you get a Sentient Citadel. The Vault Tier is simple in that you get a Vault based on mostly RNG and some choices you made during the Citadel. A Tier 1 Vault is less rewarding than a Tier 2, 3, or 4 Vault but is still mostly worth your time. Each Tier will have two Vaults that are RNG based as to which one you get.

Vault Tier 1: Lower Tier Vault Earned by just clearing the Citadel.

Ayatan Vault- Self Explanatory. You get lots of Ayatan Stars and Lower Tier Ayatans. 50% Spawn Rate

Resource Vault- Self Explanatory. You get lots of various resources that cycle around based on Faction. 50% Spawn Rate

Vault Tier 2: Lower Mid Tier Vault Earned by Clearing Citadel without the majority of your Team Dying at least once. Not Obtainable if more than 1 person dies more than once during Citadel.

Endo & Creds Vault: Self Explanatory. 65% Spawn Rate

Boosters: 3 Day Affinity, Resource Drop Chance, or Mods Chance Booster. 33% for each booster to be the one to spawn. 35% Vault Spawn Rate

Vault Tier 3: Higher Mid Tier Vault Earned by Clearing Citadel and having noone die during Citadel.

Weapon and Frame Part Vault: A total of 5 random Weapon and Frame Parts will be given in this vault that are already crafted for you. This does not include Quest Frames, Prime Stuff, or Weapons themselves. Only Parts. ie. Frost Chassis or Stalhta Barrel. 70% Spawn Rate

Riven Vault: Random Drop of Riven Slivers and Veiled Riven Mods. 30% Spawn Rate

Vault Tier 4: Highest Vault Tier Earned By Clearing Sentient Citadel Without having anyone die.

Arcane Vault: Random Drops of Arcanes. I don't know much about Arcane Pricing so I wont include anything else about this vault.

Prime Vault: A total of 5 Unvaulted Prime Parts. This includes current Prime Vault and non Vaulted Items. Excludes Prime Junk, ie. Braton Prime, Paris Prime, Lex Prime.

Wow I guess i'm at the end of this post. If you have made it this far I thank you and I hope someone from DE reads this at some point. Maybe they can take away some ideas from this. If you find any discrepancies from section to section or have questions be sure to ask.

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