Idea for a warframe endgame system: Adding systematic random modifiers to missions with high level enemies.

Warframe13 - Idea for a warframe endgame system: Adding systematic random modifiers to missions with high level enemies.

The Idea: Sortie plus ultra. To add moderate but more randomized area modifiers to the mission with higher level enemies.

If you have played path of exile you might be familiar with this kind of system.
atlas of worlds map guide - Idea for a warframe endgame system: Adding systematic random modifiers to missions with high level enemies.
In that game “maps” are an end game system that can have upto 8 randomized modifiers which increase the difficulty of a particular area but provides increased item/exp gain(only "what is a map" section is relevant for us here). Let’s just focus on the first part for now and create challenging content.

This sort of system already exists in warframe aka sortie, disruption and nightmare mission modifiers. We just need to build upon those and tone them down so we can introduce new modifiers without putting players at a huge disadvantage and letting them think and change builds before they mindlessly go into the mission with the same old strategies. I came up with around 30+ mission modifiers(please suggest more) that I think will provide enough diversity and challenge and encourages community to come up with new strategies and builds and not just take the same one build everywhere.

Mission mechanics:

  • Arcane revives and ally revives(including sentinel) are disabled. A player gets the default 4 self-revives and that’s it.

  • We have 3 nodes(or more?) just like sorties. Easy, medium and hard with increasing enemy levels, more mission modifiers as well as more modifier intensity.

  • Easy mode has 6 mission modifiers, medium has 7 and hard has 8 modifiers. Missions can only be accessed by building keys. Components for the keys will be in the lower mission areas. On average, my idea is that player must run “more” low level missions than high level ones. Think like the old “void key” system or lephantis nav coordinates right now, only much rarer. Coordinates drop from enemies and keys have to be built in foundry. This is to encourage more looting and killing as opposed to playing the “who gets to extraction first” game. Keys will also be used up when you load in to a mission and are tradeable.

  • Missions will rotate every 1-3 hours(not sure) and during this time the modifiers will stay the same on those particular missions. Missions can be repeated any number of times as long as you have sufficient keys.

  • Keys for highest level mission will expire and disappear from player inventory once the missions reset. This is to discourage players stockpiling keys in hopes of easier modifiers on the highest level mission. When the missions reset, you have to earn the coordinates/keys for higher level missions again or trade for them. (Not sure about this one, too harsh? Maybe convert 3 old keys to 1 new key is better to discourage this?)

  • You won’t get rewards if you fail the mission. It’s all or nothing. This is also the reason why I am not sure if endless here is a good idea. I think it should just be like sorties. Exterminate, survival, excavation, defense, interception, infested salvage, mobile defense are the missions I have in mind. The rest are too easy to cheese. Even here, mobile defense is very cheese-heavy I think. What do you guys think?

  • Enemy faction, tileset, planet etc all will also be randomized obv but the three missions don’t need to be the same faction.

  • Core gameplay loop is same as always. Kill enemies, get loot.


I have prepared a spreadsheet with all the mission modifiers I can think of in sheet1. Feel free to suggest more mission modifiers. Either comment here, or on the spreadsheet. The next 3 sheets are randomized mission generators that will give you an idea of what to expect for each difficulty type. Instructions on how to randomize them further is in the spreadsheet. Please try them out before feedback.

view?usp=sharing - Idea for a warframe endgame system: Adding systematic random modifiers to missions with high level enemies.
Link to spreadsheet.

I think this sort of system can work with further polish. Some combinations will obviously be easy and some very hard. That is just RNG and will provide further variety to the missions. There are enough modifiers in a mission that picking a loadout and press go, is not an option for 80% of the time as far as my knowledge of the game goes.

For obvious reasons, the numbers here are not balanced. These are just placeholder numbers, which I thought would be fair but without testing I can’t say how well they will actually work in a mission. Getting one-shotted as soon as you load in is not fun and steam rolling this won’t be fun either.

Again, please try out the randomizer in the spreadsheet, preferably hard, because that is what I was most thinking about while writing the modifiers. Randomize mission modifiers, comment here what you got, and how you will approach the mission. Let me know what you think.


Is there any point in me/us suggesting the rewards? I think that is best left to DE. Just a note that each mission level should have its own rewards unlike sorties.

Problem areas: Magus lockdown, reave, sleep, valkyr and co immunity phases and finishers(to a lesser extent) make it hard to balance against the cheese. Even though there are certain modifiers that can counteract these, these make the missions easier when one of those counters is not a mission modifier. Matchmaking is also a problem, because if you want a good team you gotta recruit and can’t just pub.

I know it won’t be popular that some of these modifiers affect abilities and some modifiers outright make some frames non-viable when they are active. I think this is necessary to make any sort of endgame system as long as the game is balanced how it is now(rebalancing won’t happen; let’s get real here). I think those modifiers are a good thing to promote diversity and to make you use frames, weapons or strategies that you would otherwise not use. And do note that just because your choice of frame/weapons and builds is not viable for these set of modifiers does not mean it won’t be viable for next set of modifiers.

Final note: I don’t think a single end game system is enough in warframe. I believe the game has to maintain multiple end game systems to keep players interested and cater to different types of players. I know we like to say no end-game in warframe but sorties, arbitrations, eidolons, disruption etc provide “end game” to various types of players at various points in the game. Aim of this is to provide one more into those web of systems.

TL:DR; Sortie and void key like system with higher enemy levels and more mission modifiers. But please try the modifiers out in the
view?usp=sharing - Idea for a warframe endgame system: Adding systematic random modifiers to missions with high level enemies.
spreadsheet to get an idea of what I mean.

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