Idea for Corpus Kuva Liches: Network Phantoms.

Warframe2 - Idea for Corpus Kuva Liches: Network Phantoms.

So my friend and I were chatting and it came up about wondering what the corpus edition of Kuva liches were.

and we were thinking they should essentially be corpus "Mind in Machine" super AIs.

What that would entail would be a corpus who went up the ranks far enough to have enough money to essentially buy himself a ticket to "data immortality" to save his mind inside a databank and then control his own personal army of proxies from inside a computer, it's basically simaris kinda tech. The real corpus might get killed but his mind would exist inside the computer system to be transferred to a new proxy system to essentially make him immortal. And they'd level up not simply by being killed by moves but by adapting to and learning about your abilities through repeated combat in their proxy armies/bodies.

Oh, you used an ability too much? the proxies might get an idea to copy it. Wouldn't be a fun time if you kept having to heal and suddenly next time you fight one of his proxy squads they can suddenly bless with a blast of nanites or fricking gauss hyper speed moas that charge up then kinda run you over from nowhere… shudder Trust me, you don't want to fight enemies with gauss dash. Cause that same friend I discussed this with got radiation status in the void once and he literally ran past me and I saw nothing except my frame suddenly fall over and get stunned. xD


But anyway, just like the liches they'd control a personal army/empire and would spread to certain areas of influence where they'd be doing stuff but their eventual unlockable final "end" to their fight would be inflitrating a mini sortie of missions of sorts where you gotta do an intercept or some other kind of stealth mission to find out where his consciousness is being transmitted from then infiltrate the system at that location and destroy his connection to his robot army then destroy his facility/ship computer system to erase him permanently.

Since he'd need lots of resources and databanks to store a full copy of his mind anywhere except the main place he'd put it. so probably on a really well decked out obelisk, or perhaps a deep vault facility with outrageously high grade security. But if they'd grow in enough power from being left for too long, learning too much, or god forbid, salvaging your frame cause they offed you, they could amass more of these facilities to prolong their existence making you have to do it several times to fully wipe them out of existence.

Rather than this immortal kuva lich and constant conquest and killing with the parazon and through brute force combat eventually ending them, defeating a corpus Network Phantom would be a more stealthy/calculated affair which you'd have to keep on top of, it could spiral out of control… to a certain degree perhaps.

Would be pretty neato… right?

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