Ideas to increase faction and unit distinctiveness and interactivity

Warframe3 - Ideas to increase faction and unit distinctiveness and interactivity

These ideas are very rough and unrefined, I just wanted to get a read on the community if something like this seems like a good and interactive way to improve on warframes enemy design.

1. Grineer

a) New faction mechanic:

When shooting at the grineer prosthetic parts (arms, legs etc.) there is a chance, based on damage inflicted, that those parts malfunction or get destroyed. Damaged arms: Decreased accuracy, damaged legs, slow movement speed, destroyed arms = disarmed (duh), destroyed legs = grineer is unable to walk further

b) Unit changes


Fire actual Napalm similiar to hyekka master grenades, get bigger weapon model that can be shot. When weapon models is destroyed, weapon explodes coating surrounding area in Napalm. If Player is hit by napalm hit: Player gets refreshing fire debuff for 30 secs, can be reapplied, roll a few times to get rid of it. Area hit: Area coated in napalm, walking over it gives refreshing fire debuff, attacking area with cold element disspells area,vanishes after 30 seconds.


Explosives pouches on chest and side of legs. Shoot to detonate causing forced blast proc, causing aoe damage and preventing the bombard from reloading their ogris. Switches to sidearm when no rockets left (stubba).

Ignis units:

Shoulder mounted fuel tank that supplies detonite to the ignis user. Shoot tank to cause explosion that staggers enemies and deals percentage damage to the tank holder. When tank is destroyed, unit pulls out sidearm (if trooper: kraken) or melee (Ripkas) (hyekka master)

Hyekkas and Kubrows:

Detect invisible frames and charge in their general direction causing nearby units to fire on this position.

Animal handler units:

Handler dies —> summoned animals go feral and attack indiscriminately.

2. Corpus:

a) New faction/game mechanic: Active shields give IPS proc immunity (same for tenno shields)

b) Unit changes:

Crewman and Detron crewman:

Fused, when Tenno are more than 10 meters away: shoot with dera, when closer, pull out detron, shoot with detron

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Drone is now Oxium osprey sized, stored on back of tech and hovers directly above tech when deployed. Drone gives nearby corpus units huge overshields + current toxin immunity and flat DR for their shields (40%). When drone is destroyed: Feedback shock, all corpus affected by drone get forced mag and electric proc stunning them and removing shields. Proxies are stunned for longer



Jump in front of crewmen when possible, run toward enemy while firing, crewmen stay back.

Sniper Crewmen:

No rattels, has calibration beacon on back targeting a player. Enemy accuracy against targeted player increased, effect does not stack, shoot either backpack or kill crewman to disable.

New unit: Manufacturer:

3D prints rattels and moas in overwhelming numbers, larger slow moving target, armored and high shields a little tougher than a bursa. Big model, easy to hit, when killed all units produced immediately collapse as well.

3. Infested:


get a health bump, but spawn less frequently, lose their grapple but their arm attack gets changed into a higher range tentacle sweep.


integrated lorist healer device on big arm, shoot to deavtivate aura


When x amount of abilities are absorbed, disruptor overloads growing in size, taking more damage and flinging devastating orbs of bio energy that cause mag procs (long downtime between orbs, medium flight speed and explosion radius, can be dodged, has audio queue) Maybe new model due to new functionallity.


stay as is mostly, spews toxic bile similiar to juggernaut clouds instead of random OHKO fumes.


Update model, Charger has avoidable charging attack (like kubrows) now, causing toxin and slash proc and knocking player back.


When explosion not triggered by player weapon: Leaves spot of mutalist tar on ground


altered model, when leaping on player extends whip like tentacle to slam player with. Deals medium damage, leap has audio queue.

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altered model when leaper is shot in the legs and not dead, turn into crawler.

New Unit: Grappler

Quadruped, armored outside (armor value similar to bombard, low health so vulnerable to slash procs) Shoots tentacles at player from big opening on front and along back. When hit: player gets grounded (only normal speed walking allowed) and will be reeled in, player can hip fire equipped weapon on exposed inner tissue of grappler, hits deal significant bonus damage. After taking out 1/3 of healthbar: tether break. Has distinct audio queue and stands out due to size and coloration. Priority target. Tether can be dodged, not hitscan. If successfully reeled in, player is swallowed and then spit out (high damage, forced viral and slash proc)

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