If Wisp needs more time to be developed, I for one am completely supportive of delaying her release – because it feels like she needs it.

Warframe2 - If Wisp needs more time to be developed, I for one am completely supportive of delaying her release - because it feels like she needs it.

I'm aware I'm not the only one who's gleamed this feeling from Wisp's show-case, but she seems like she's has a half realized identity that was quickly cobbled together at the last minute. Her entire visual design is wonderful. The floaty ghost like stature and animations are perfect, and I like how her unique supressed SMG fits with her kind of 'subtle' spooky spirit design. I'm a bit disappointed she's going to have the standard melee animations alongside these wonderful, unique primary/secondary animations, but that's an understandable limitation that I'm not overly concerned with.

What isn't so quite understandable is how some of her abilities seem to fit very well with her design, while others have incredibly linear synergy, no synergy at all, or directly conflict with her design:

  • Her passive is perfect, and I really like how it doesn't make Wisp invisible like other Warframes. Should serve her well as a way to stealth Spy vaults occasionally, but also acts as her way of avoiding damage – only time will tell how practical it is to rely on as a survivability mechanic, though.
  • Reservoir is an interesting take on frame resource management and supporting methods that I look forward to, but it also fits with her whole theme of summoning what are basically totems. Only complaint is it seems a bit slow.
  • Decoy is perhaps the most thematically appropriate ability she has – it matches her design and reiterates the ghostly/spirit theme. That aside, it's a part movement/part utility ability, and a lot of Warframes have these so it's par the course.
  • Pulse this is where I started having issues with Wisp. Pulse implies that Wisp is going to be leaving her Reservoir's around in strategic positions, which really doesn't sound useful in mobile gamemodes like Exterminate, where the front line of enemy units is constantly being obliterated room by room. Nothing else about Wisp's kit seems like it's relevant to static defense gamemodes, especially with how her Reservoirs can be picked up by teammates. My large concern with this ability is that it exists solely to serve her first ability – that sort of mechanic is not fun with Ember's Accelerant, and it's no more appealing here. This one should be reworked to the standard of Gara and Saryn's ability synergy, in that they have independent abilities that serve their own purpose, but have synergy in unique ways when used together.
  • Sol is the obvious contention of everyone (including myself) – it's at complete odds with her spirit/ghost theme no matter which way you look at it. Sure, Wisp is focused on portals and summoning – but giving a supernatural based Warframe the ability to summon a giant fucking fire laser beam is just so out of left field that it's bewildering. Wisp turns invisible when airborne, has a supressed SMG, has the ability to support her teammates with contextual power ups, and can warp around and distract/stun enemies with her other abilities. She seems like the first half of her design is more about subtly and really playing into the ghostly nature of her theme, but Sol is a complete departure from that. One would hope her ultimate ability would relate to portals and other ghostly figures, and not something as brash, simplistic and pragmatic as summoning a portal to the sun. This is a vague criticism, but I expected something a little more ghosty, more tricky than a giant laser beam.

Basically: Wisp feels like she's a bit underdeveloped, and that DE panicked and threw together a kit that doesn't make a huge amount of sense for either her design, theme, or gameplay role. In my opinion, if DE needs additional time in their schedule to piece together Wisp in a more coherent and complete state, I'm all for it. We've seen in the past that DE is incapable of (or disinterested in) touching up relatively recently released Warframes (cough Revenant cough), so I'd rather wait for Wisp longer, and get a better, more complete Warframe, than be stuck still waiting years later for her to be fixed to a playable standard (COUGH Titania COUGH).

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