I’m a new player who just completed the starchart – and I got feedback.

Warframe4 - I'm a new player who just completed the starchart - and I got feedback.

What's up Tenno brothers.

I'm a dude who knows a dude who's highly into Warframe and seldom tried to bring me back in. See, I played back in the days, just enough to get a shiny Dexcalibur when I logged in after years (so maybe not that much time ago).

After getting back into the mechanics and learning to bulletjump, via his tutoring that led me to the Second Dream untainted by any external interference, I sunk 150+ hours into the game.

Last night I completed the Starchart, and I enjoyed the ride. Still, being a designer at heart, I can't help but see the huge barricade I got over by means of this friend of mine, and sometimes having increased choice via plat.

Here's the list of stuff I found by playing that somehow ground my gears.


This has to be first.

In Warframe progression is super confusing. A mission is set for a 10-15 level and you march in with your lv30 Excalibur, bow in hand and Skada at your hip. And you get bodied.

Mods are the thing that really makes the difference.There's nothing emphasizing how this makes or breaks the game and your straight power.

The fact that one has to realize this by trial and error is what it is. But it's doubled up by the fact that there's little to no information on how certain elements and effects are what will be critical to how your progress will be.

Speaking about mods.


Warframe is a great game about space ninjas with space ninja magic and a sprinkle of Zerg. Which is great!

However, without some mods or some spoiler connected stuff, energy management hurts the enjoyment of some frames.

Say one starts with Mag, or buys Nidus. This player is bound to have a pretty miserable experience just because those caster frames are unable to perform as they should. Nidus with Rage (or similar) and without is a completely different beast and doesn't seem like it plays as intended without.

Of course Warframe is a shooting game first and foremost. Still, its other modes are way more accessible: one can play stealth if wanted, but can't play caster because the game prevents you from doing so.

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Consumables of course help. But consumables shouldn't make or break a whole character class, in my opinion.


Now, I kind of dig Archwing.

Still a mode that's so different from the regular game and has such a huge disconnect from the regular power progression doesn't just feel right to be mandatory for the Starchart completion, or progression overall.

The occasional odd one (I'm looking at you Limbo theorem) is kind of fine, you take up the chore that's Archwing Interception and there's that.


Having to complete them all? I just haven't seen enough squads to go through some of these, which are the hard gate for Arbitrations.

Note that this is tied to the progress and mod issue, because Archwing has its own mods set that drop in Archwing missions only, or at the very least I never saw drop anywhere else. Playing unmodded Archwings is something way beyond a chore, given how certain missions require your firepower to be on par to the mission difficulty.


Warframe went through various patches that reviewed what the endgame was supposed to be. Orb Vallis, then Fortuna, then the looming Railjack, and even back then the scrapped raids, the Lephantus Derelicts and all that jazz.

Players needing to get up to speed with certain things given for granted, say focus, have to resort to very specific ways (eidolon hunting) because the traditional ones are horribly slow and never really properly explained: the circumstantial knowledge gets progressively lost and players wander or straight up ignore certain parts of the game.

And eidolon hunting can't really be done without an Amp. And getting an Amp is another bible entirely.


Closing, there's this one last thing.

By completing the Starchart you learn that your Warframe level doesn't equate to your power. So you try some and stick to some, maybe to a weapon set aswell.

But then you see some gear is gated beyond mastery levels that increase by leveling other frames. And you sit in this endless loop of wanting to try more stuff, but needing to grind some more just so that you can dip your feet a little further in this seemingly super fun pond, which you can't really access.

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There should be some facilitations overall, maybe a mild rework of some requirements. Dojos do amazing to give the players some quickly accessible frames and weapons (alongside my boy Nezha).


And that's basically it.

I really like this game and have mad fun when I play it. And I'd love for more people to play it and get into it as easily as possible. These, to me, are the hardest barriers that prevent fresh blood to get to the ranks and files of the players.

Because I've been lucky enough to have a passionate MR27 to guide me through the ropes, but not everyone is so lucky.

Then again, the community is the strongest selling point of the game, so who knows? And by this same reasoning, maybe this helps.

Thanks for your attention, and see you in the Void.

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