I’m blown away by the state of Warframe

Warframe11 - I'm blown away by the state of Warframe

This isn't a rant, and I'll probably get down voted to hell, however I just wanted to say that I am absolutely amazed with the current state of the game.

I started playing immediately after the game hit open beta in early 2013, and back then the game was pretty crappy. My friends and I would stand next to stairs and watch NPCs run a circle up and down the stairs because the devs couldn't even properly path AI for combat, and just laugh. As I kept playing and watching dev streams, I started to love the genuine nature of this tiny dev studio. The game certainly lacked in the way of content, however it was very replayable and my small group dug into it for a few years grinding our mastery ranks and pushing our limits on void defense and survival missions. Eventually we got burned out and left the game.

Recently an old friend asked us if we'd be interested in reinstalling for old times sake. At first I was like "nah man" and explained how this game became an addiction and money sink after buying a grand master founder pack, numerous prime access + accessories packs, and the largest sum of platinum available every time I rolled a 75% off coupon. At the time I truly didn't mind buying those things as I had more money than time, and I liked supporting DE as I could see they truly were pouring their heart and soul into the game (numerous mod system, melee system, movement system, star chart, and ability revamps) in a never ending pursuit of "being better". Now with the current state of the world, I have more time than money and didn't want to risk reigniting that addiction. I was not successful in resisting, and reinstalled a couple weeks ago.

All I can say is, hooooooly shit. It took a hot minute to reacclimate with all the new additions, UI tweaks, star chart changes, and questing systems. Once I started diving in and knocking out new content I was completely floored with the production quality. Sure, some things are still buggy and quite a few glitches are still around from years ago, and yes the spaghetti code tends to break three unrelated things every time they change one thing. Honestly I'd be hard pressed to name a AAA title that doesn't have its fair share of bugs. What I can appreciate is that the last time I saw DE tinkering with a game engine cutscene it was a weird little animation of Vor fighting some other grineer after landing a ship (which was neat but meh), and now I get tossed into fully cinematic, voiced and soundtracked cutscenes that are on par with Destiny. I'm being immersed in lore that's as rich as EU Star Wars, and laughing my ass off at dialogue I'd expect from Ghost or Cayde 6. I'm shitting my pants to whispers in my ear about taps on the wall, then crying over spilt Space Mom.


I have to periodically stop and remind myself that I've been at this for two weeks, and still have much more to do. I beat the entirety of Destiny 2 in just under two days at launch, and was left with only a handful of missions to repeat day in and day out with three choices of player classes and a dozen weapons. In Warframe I now have nearly four dozen unique player classes, hundreds of unique weapons, a couple dozen sidekicks, and a nearly limitless amount of customization. The most important thing? Every aspect of the combat and movement system still feels fucking great. Respawn can kick rocks with their "sugar rush fatigue" argument for making Apex so slow and clunky. Booted up Overwatch this evening for a bit and was like "god damn this is snail simulator" and proceeded to triple my mouse sens to be functional. Jumped back in Warframe before bed and it was like a wave of relief as I bullet jumped my way through objectives and pinned bodies to walls with the boltor. Ah yes, I'm home again.

DE, you keep being awesome and fuck the haters that no-life the game then whine about the grind or lack of content. As someone who has experienced the game from the beginning, I can't even with how proud I am to see what has become of the silly, buggy, niche, lolfest that was "Ninjas Play For Free". Time for me to go hug emote my inbred kubrows, pet my kavats, feed Red Veil to my Helminth and then go to bed.

P.S. I think I may have ranted. Oops. TLDR; you didn't miss anything important.

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