I’m calling you out, DE. Khora’s 1st birthday is in a month, and she’s long overdue for a few tweaks.

Warframe10 - I'm calling you out, DE. Khora's 1st birthday is in a month, and she's long overdue for a few tweaks.

Khora was released on April 20th, 2018. She saw her last substantial update on May 17th, 2018 – not even a month later – receiving only a few minor bugfixes since. Meanwhile, Khora has become
qE9qt3c - I'm calling you out, DE. Khora's 1st birthday is in a month, and she's long overdue for a few tweaks.

my favorite Warframe. With her I've earned over 79 million XP, enough to rank her up almost 90 times. I've used her to kill over 176,000 enemies, an average of over 480 kills per day. That's almost double the runner up (Equinox with just under 90k kills). She hits like a truck and tanks like a champ, with exceptional CC and mobility to boot. But she's still got a lot of issues that have gone unresolved for a long time.

Khora turns one in a little under a month, DE. It'd be really nice if you fixed her up for her big day.


Often times you will Ensnare an enemy
only to have it die a second later , never having had a chance to propagate Ensnare's chains. It would be nice if enemies killed before propagating would refund your energy.


Enemies grabbed by Strangledome Dangledome will often spin around at a high speed until they die or the ability ends. This makes it hard for Khora, her teammates, and other enemies to land hits. Adding some drag/angular drag would eliminate this problem. It's a simple piece of math, too:

velocity -= velocity * dragAmount * deltaTime; angularVelocity -= angularVelocity * angularDragAmount * deltaTime; 

Strangledome can be cast on slopes, and this often causes an ugly cutoff where the dome doesn't connect to the floor. It would look a lot better if the chains on the bottom ring would anchor themselves to the ground. It's purely a visual thing, but would be nice to have fixed anyways.

Lastly, I feel like the formula for determining Strangledome's radii should be tweaked. Strangledome has an inner radius for the visual chains/vertices and an outer radius for the actual grab range. The outer radius is double the inner radius when at max rank. This becomes a minor issue for high range builds, where the invisible outer radius becomes increasingly larger than the visible dome. This makes it difficult to tell what area Strangledome is covering. Instead, the inner chain radius should be a fixed amount smaller than the outer grab radius, reverting to the current behaviour with negative range. Here's an animation as an example. This would also open up a new synergy between high-range Strangledome and Ensnare: with Ensnare's center closer to the edge of the dome it would be able to reach out farther, letting Khora drag enemies into the dome.


Venari's first problem is her Protect mode. Put simply: it's misnamed and entirely useless. Venari doesn't protect anything in this mode, she instead disarms enemies. But Khora already has two powerful CC abilities, so ordering Venari into a CC role makes little sense. It's always better to have Venari in Attack or Heal mode where she can do something actually useful. The existence of Protect mode as a third wheel makes the clunky and slow mode-switching mechanic necessary, which further slows down Venari's reaction time and usability. Protect mode should be removed along with the mode switching, leaving behind Attack and Heal as context-sensitive actions. Press 3 while looking at an ally, and Venari heals it. Press 3 while looking at an enemy, and Venari attack it.


Heal mode also has a minor problem. The 10m fixed aura radius makes it so fast-moving targets can easily remain out of Venari's reach, leaving this mode only really useful for stationary targets. You can see Venari's characteristic start-stop behaviour here: as soon as she gets close enough to her target to heal it, she stops, and then her target pulls away from the heal radius. There are a few possible solutions, the first being to change the healing aura into a healing-over-time buff. When Venari gets near her target, she emits a healing pulse every 5 seconds that grants her target 5 seconds of health regen. This way her target only needs to be near Venari once every 5 seconds, letting her catch up, pulse, and fall behind without losing effectiveness. Another option is to allow Heal mode to scale with Range mods. A third option is to try and prevent the start-stop behaviour shown in the clip and ensure that Venari sticks closely to her target when in Heal mode, though I don't think this would be solvable for bullet-jumping Warframes.

Additionally, sometimes you just don't want Venari around. Maybe you're out in the Vallis and your Bounty asks you to break into a vault undetected, or you're in a Radiation Sortie and she's downing your teammates, or you're trying to scan a Synthesis target but Venari is H̨̯̲̭ ̬͉̱̤͖U N̪̺̦̹̼͔̜ ̷̝G̝͓͚̩̰͓ ͔̱̮̳͇̦͞ͅR̝̯͟ ̢̝̬͕̹̖͖Y̡͔̖̳. With the mode-switching mechanic removed, the "Hold 3" command should instead desummon Venari. With Venari desummoned, you can tap 3 at any time to resummon her just like you can when she dies (minus the energy cost).

Venari has other problems relating to pet AI, but that is a larger issue. These 3 changes would fix most of her other problems.


With Venari's mode-switching removed, Khora loses one of her iconic features. Whipclaw should make use of the mode-switching mechanic as it was originally indended, allowing the player to switch between Slash (current damage spread), Puncture (puncture-focused damage spread), or Impact (impact-focused damage spread). This would allow high-end players to tailor their damage output when facing high-level armor or shields, and keep her visuals as they are.

Edit: Since I see this one almost every time I bring Whipclaw's damage switching up:

But why would I ever use anything but Slash?

Because Puncture and Impact gain bonus damage to armor and shields, which becomes increasingly important as you start fighting higher level enemies. Damage bonuses versus armor double dip: not only do you deal more damage, the enemy also has less damage reduction from armor. Being able to tailor your damage would let you be more effective against certain enemies. And no one would be forcing you to switch modes, you could carry on dealing the same damage you do now.


Fashionframe is endgame, or so they say. Khora's spikes often clip through shoulder and leg armor, which looks pretty bad; there are very few armor pieces that actually fit her. To solve this, make her shoulder and leg spikes into default attachments. This is already done with her back spikes, so this should be easily doable.


As u/Supafly1337 points out, Khora's acquisition is pretty terrible. Her parts have only a ~10% drop rate, and two of her parts are in Onslaught Rot C. My favorite suggestion I've seen is to make Venari a recurring miniboss in Onslaught that drops her parts. This would match what little lore Khora has, and with her parts placed in their own pool it could increase your chances to acquire her. There are other options as well, like simply increasing the drop rate to something more reasonable.

Sadly, many frames like Khora are pushed out and abandoned only a month after release. It's shouldn't take this long for simple, obvious problems to be resolved. Khora turns one soon, and it'd be nice if DE would give her another look.

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