I’m pretty drunk rn and that probs why I’m saying this

Warframe2 - I’m pretty drunk rn and that probs why I’m saying this

This game is great, I understand that there are flaws. But I feel like I’ve just had my mind opened.

I was thinking about the state of the game and all the complaints from youtubers and veteran players and new players etc… and I kinda found a small problem.

I large section of complaints is in two areas, “content drought” and “endgame” and “new player experience”

Now Endgame I don’t really have an argument for apart from this… if there was and endgame, That would mean an end for warframe. Reality kicks in when that was said for me. Veterans hit their endgame and then what? That’s it! You leave… DE will NEVER create a real endgame because they want you to keep playing! It’s so obvious and that’s a GOOD thing. If you keep playing DE stays alive, and you get more content. There will always be a harder boss/more difficult mission added to keep you hooked. For the benefit of everyone

My second point is this… content drought. I especially see this from YouTubers/Streamers/veterans. If you’ve been playing the game since 2011 and got every weapon and done every mission than ofc it will feel dry at points… when your whole life is dedicated to a game, your gunna hit a wall when you’ve done everything imaginable. Tested every weapon, played every warframe, tried every mod combination even! So why complain as if it’s a problem for everyone! I’ve played since 2013 and I’m only MR 16 giving me plenty more weapons to try and warframes to play. And still gameplay mechanics I haven’t fully explored. Even standing with new factions in open worlds… I know this is one example and I myself cannot generalise to the rest. But I I’m still finding new things because of how much this FREE game has to offer


Expanding on this point, my friend recently downloaded the game after never trying it out. He was, and I quote, OVERWHELMED by the amount of things to do.

“I feel as if warframe throws you into an overwhelming universe of things to do, I don’t know where to start”

So content drought isn’t the problem! No player who plays now will even come close to imagining what it’s like to try everything this game has to offer. Weapons, warframe, syndicates, conclave, relics, liches, open worlds, vaults… etc etc etc

Through this experience with my friend I found one massive flaw, and that was the new player experience… my friend struggled to get through the game without asking me a unfathomable amount of questions about anything and everything! He felt lost and that is the (in my opinion) the biggest problem with warframe.

I just kinda spilled my thoughts sorry for such a long post everyone!!! Stay coool and keep shmoovin my space brethren!

Much love Stay safe!

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