Immunity doesn’t make things interesting, fun, or challenging, just a drag.

Warframe4 - Immunity doesn't make things interesting, fun, or challenging, just a drag.

Why use this as a design crutch? Genetrixes being immune to most status effects makes sense, they're a spawning pod. But is there a reason why literally all the new enemies are completely immune to viral? Not just viral procs, otherwise that'd be fine and dandy. But immune to viral damage, period. It's not because "theyre a disease so theyre immune to being sick", because otherwise chargers and mutalists would be immune, too. Why aren't they just massively resistant and/or immune to the procs only?

Does this accomplish anything? "oh now you have to actually build around it before going in" no, you really don't, you just grab a melee weapon and bash their heads in, because that'll almost always be more effective than changing your setup every time you want to do something.

And what's the point of giving warframes an ability, if you'll just make enemies ignore it when it's convenient. Limbo just cries in the corner every update now, because fuck stasis, right? Mallet just stopped working midway through Deimos on tier 2 and 3 iso vaults, enemies will still attack it, but if Loid is anywhere in the vicinity they'll make a B-line for him.

Giving things immunity doesn't make them interesting, it makes them a drag, unless they're "boss" type enemies like the open world threats. Eidolons are a great example of using immunity as a good design, because they're a boss that you need to be prepared to fight, theyre huge and scary and they act like it. Tusk Thompers, as the polar opposite, are just an annoying slog through waiting til it stands still and praying that it doesn't suddenly decide to spin 180 degrees. The Exploiter orb is a good example of an immune enemy, because it's in a (arguably) well designed fight where damaging it is replaced by an actual mechanic. Profit taker is just a drag of "is it one of the types we brought? no? then cycle" until you get to the next phase.


But for regular ol' enemies? Immunity/Massive DR never makes them interesting, or makes you behave differently, you just one shot them or whip out your melee. Sentients just get killed through their DR unless they're really high level, at which point you probably brough a melee that shreds/insta kills them regardless. Deimos "elites" being immune to viral doesn't make people change up their build, in fact a lot of folks barely even notice that they're immune- just that they're not dealing damage, and then they just switch to melee and go about business as usual. And if they do decide to change things up, they'll just use a generic crit/hunter munitions build, because there's not much of an upside to using a status build if you can't use the good status effects.

Now I know, not every enemy can be designed to be their own mini game, but things like the saxum and nox are great! Why not go the way of "can be killed by just hitting, but going for weak spots is always better" like that for the "elite" unit? (The jugulus' scales-with-your-dps is cool tho)

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