IMO Wisp is a Will o’ the Wisp. A ghost light

Warframe1 - IMO Wisp is a Will o' the Wisp. A ghost light

Beating a dying horse here, but since a few people can't see a consistent theme for Wisp I figured I'd put my two cents in.

Now I'm not an expert on Will o' the Wisp folklore, but when I saw her model and learned her name I immediately assumed she'd have abilities themed as such. I wasn't sure how they'd do her abilities, whether it be fully ghost, swamp spirit, or leaning towards fire/light. Based off my immediate reaction during the stream her kit seems to mostly be a mix of all of that.

Her totems are clearly plant-like, which satisfied the swamp spirit criteria enough for me. Her decoy is the beacon that lures her enemies to attack. Much like how wisps lure victims to their demise in swamps by looking like lamps in the distance. Of course exploding the totems = the demise in the swamp. Also her passive turns her invisible like a ghost while in the air, with a cool wispy effect. Yeah. The sunbeam is the complete incarnate of the fire/light aspect of wisps, just 1000x more destructive and blinding(Tone down effects, maybe?). All of this mostly fits in line with what I imagined so far.

I think many are getting caught up in the portal comment. Some now think that DE's idea of Wisp is portals, and that now more of her kit needs to include portals. Who knows? Portals could be DE's main idea, but the more obvious conclusion to me is Will o' the Wisps.


Other than that the other concerns I've seen are about if frames like Ember, Loki, or Nova deserved these abilities more. That's evidence of a whole other problem in warframe, though, and I'm not going into it right this moment. However I do believe that Wisp's theme and kit still fit each other, so I wouldn't just split her abilties up to be assimilated, just yet.

I do have my issues with Wisp. I'm not 100% sure if I'm happy with her abilities. I'd add more synergies like if your decoy is out and you hold the sunbeam button down, you teleport to the decoy with your sunbeam active. Or when you use the decoy button it traps nearby enemies inside, and if the decoy is shot by other enemies the ones inside it get damaged. Otherwise the enemies pop out at the end of the decoy, or if you teleport with it.

My only other issues are that I don't think her default colors fit the Will o' theme. Rebecca's orange/white colors made me slighty more pleased. Good thing we cand change our own colors. Also they should let us toggle her cape dangely, since the model clearly works without it. No reason other than that, of course.

I personally see a consistent theme and am happy with it. Her abilities still need a lot of work, but so does almost every other warframe. I can't wait to have a Will o' the Wisp frame.

Also for fun what would you do to add to her existing abilities? Or how are you going to color her when you get her?

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