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Warframe7 - Improvements for Loading Screen Tips

While I was ranting about the lack of information on the wiki, I called out that loading screen tips frequently ranged from pointless to factually incorrect, and mentioned community-sourced alternatives. Well, I'm part of the community, so I figured I'd write up some sample tips (including some "rare"/easter egg tips, and some that don't appear without quest progress, even though I'm not sure if the technology permits either of those things — I can dream, can't I?). I've tried to avoid putting in "tips" that are actually just mechanics, though I admit to a few failures; in general, though, I've aimed for subjective advice over objective facts. I'm also assuming that the few good tips (like alerting your team when the lights flicker) are being left in. Finally, I'm not putting in tips that boil down to "there are substantial problems with Warframe, here's how to work around them/take the one actually good option", because I want things that could at least theoretically appear in game.

  • "Low on credits? If you're skilled, you can win more at Nef Anyo's Index on Neptune."

  • "A mod's stats are multiplied by its rank, so it's much more effective to run a few high-rank mods than a lot of low-rank ones."

  • "You earn mastery ranks by gaining mastery on your gear. Try to increase all of your gear to Rank 30 before getting rid of it."

  • "Endless missions like Defense and Survival are good ways to gain void relics."

  • After Second Dream: "The focus multiplier for focus orbs has a limited duration. When you get one, it might be worthwhile to change what you're doing so you can kill as many enemies as possible."

  • After The War Within: "You can revive allies while in Void Mode. Use this to safely revive allies who are surrounded by enemies."

  • After The War Within, and also bad advice that I really wish was good advice: "Your amp is like a third weapon. Pick an amp that covers territory your weapons don't handle as well, and use it as a problem-solving tool."

  • "The bubbles Nullifiers project are extremely dangerous — not only do they block abilities, they prevent you from using abilities while inside of them, and deactivate any abilities you may have active."

  • "When you're doing an endless mission with a Void Fissure, make sure everyone has collected all 10 of their void traces before you end the mission, even if that means leaving an extractor unpowered or letting enemies capture a signal tower."

  • "Don't worry about splitting up to handle multiple objectives; while you're near a mission objective like a signal tower, you're automatically within affinity range of your whole squad."

  • "Taking the reward from an ally's Void Relic gives them Void Traces. If you get the same reward from your relic and an ally's, why not take theirs and give them a little bonus?"

  • "While Warframe abilities can be improved in multiple ways, not every Warframe benefits equally from all of them. Think about which aren't as useful for your frame, and save slots by not modding for them."

  • "Try lots of different gear! It'll help you find things you like, and even if you don't, you can level the gear up to increase your mastery rank."

  • "Stances make melee weapons much stronger by increasing their mod capacity, but they also substantially change your moveset. Try different stances, and find which works best for you."

  • "Look at your weapon's stats, and let those inform how you mod it. It's generally better to have a weapon that's great at inflicting critical hits or status conditions than a weapon that's mediocre at both."

  • "Make sure to play limited-time events! They can give powerful, rare, or even unique rewards."

  • "When you're hacking, you're vulnerable. Be careful so you aren't killed while you're trying to open a door."

  • "Your mobility is one of your greatest strengths. Stay on the move with bullet jumps and air glides, or enemies will gun you down."

  • "Beware of the Toxin status and certain Infested abilities — they ignore shields and damage your health directly."

  • "Take higher-level enemies lightly, and you'll quickly learn that 4 revives doesn't get you very far."

  • "Everything has a value, even if it's just from melting it down into Endo or selling it at Maroo's Bazaar."

  • "Larger fish won't give you any more of their unique products, but they'll help feed a lot of hungry mouths in Cetus."

  • "The Origin System is a dangerous place. You have the power to make it a bit better."

  • After… Natah? No, probably The New Strange: "Hit a Sentient too many times with the same type of damage, and they'll become resistant to it. If you're going somewhere you might find Sentients, bring weapons with different damage types."

  • After Once Awake, if DE actually remembers that Infested are supposed to be introduced a little later (presumably this clause would also be added to the other thing that mentions Infested, but that's not just about them): "Individually, most Infested aren't much of a threat. If you aren't careful, though, they'll quickly overwhelm you."

  • After The War Within: "Once you have a Kuva Lich mad at you, it won't be easy to get rid of them. Don't create one if you don't think you can handle it."

  • "Selling Prime parts or rare mods to other Tenno is a good way to make platinum."

  • "You can use your starting platinum to buy more slots for Warframes or weapons, so you can start accumulating a bigger arsenal as you find weapons or Warframes you like using."

Rare "Tips":

  • Locked behind The War Within: "I hope you didn't forget about me, kiddo."

  • "Who is the Lotus?"

  • "Clem! Clem Grakata? Grakata. Clem Clem. Clem Grakata Clem."

  • "It might not feel like much. It might feel like you're fighting insurmountable odds. But already, you've saved countless lives. Keep up the good work, Tenno."

Let me know in the comments if there's any tips you think I left out, or if you think I've put bad advice or just game mechanics without any tips in here!

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