In-depth review of PS5 adaptive triggers & vibration on Warframe’s primary weapons

Warframe9 - In-depth review of PS5 adaptive triggers & vibration on Warframe's primary weapons

I've just spent the last hour trying out various primary weapons on the PS5 with default settings, and wished to give my feedback on the adaptive triggers and vibration.


Putting this first due to potential health concerns – after (and during) the weapons test, my left hand/arm is still tingling. I have a feeling that the vibration intensity is a bit too high, especially when compared to the standards-setting vibration in Astro's Playroom.

It did seem as though the left side vibration on the controller was different than the right, and my right hand is not suffering from ill effects.


Unfortunately, the experience here leaves a lot to be desired, as drawing back the trigger feels nothing like an actual bow (even though it was 20+ years ago, I do have some archery experience to draw from, pun intended).

In Warframe, the pressure required to draw back a bow is somewhat like a cliff, rather than gradual. It should get harder to draw it back the further you try to pull it. Though possibly difficult to implement, it might be nice (optionally) to have the bow release occur on around 80% trigger distance, rather than upon releasing the trigger (which would instead cancel the attack), at which point you drop the trigger resistance and let the finger snap to 100% trigger distance.

Of all the bows I tried to use, Paris Prime felt the best, and Bramma the worst. The difference was the vibration.


Whether this is down to controller limitations or otherwise, I don't know, but a lot of the weapons that felt like they should have more kick to them (e.g. Hek, Tigris Prime). There was often a short build-up of vibration beforehand which felt distinctly unnatural. However, it's worth noting that I've never held a real gun in my life, so this purely comes down to how I believe it should feel like.

Individual weapon critique

Here are the primaries I tried out (excluding bows), with comments on the behaviour of each.

AcceltraA bit too much vibration
AmprexFar too much vibration for the weapon type
Arca PlasmorDoesn't kick right
BasmuThis one felt good
BattacorPrimary fire felt good, but there was no kick on secondary
BazaToo much vibration for a very accurate weapon
Boar PrimeNot enough kick
Bratton PrimeGood
CorinthNot enough kick
Dera VandalToo much vibration
ExergisNothing at all?
FerroxNeeds a ramping charge vibration and a kick
FulminGood auto and semi
HekNot enough kick
OpticorSeems like the vibration should ramp up, not ramp down
Sancti TigrisNot enough kick
SimulorWould be nice if this vibrated on each 'tick' of the reload animation
Soma PrimePerfect
StradavarGood auto, too much pre-vibration on semi
Supra VandalToo much vibration for energy weapon
Telos BoltorGood
Tiberon PrimeOnly the auto mode feels good on this one
Tigris PrimeNot enough kick
Vectis PrimeNeeds a better kick
ZhugeVibration starts a tad too early, but otherwise good

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