In line with the Xoris nerfs, this is a call to remove or alter rivens.

Warframe12 - In line with the Xoris nerfs, this is a call to remove or alter rivens.

Rivens have been a thorn in my side for a long time. I hope that I am not alone in saying that the increase in power is generally not worth the grind cost with the current slot machine. I have gone on record in previous comments defending RNG, claiming that it was a reasonable way of increasing the player retention time in the context of arcane drops and I'm walking away from that take the same way that it is a bad look for DE to not walk away from the lucrative slot machine that are rivens.

I say this as one of the people that reported plat reselling websites. Back when I started doing it, I thought that it would be a simple case of stopping the bad actors and the case was closed. Unfortunately what transpired after the plat tracking was fully let loose was a wave of bans that took out people that didn't even know what was going on.

To this day I get nervous trading for anything over my current plat balance just in case I get banned due to 'bad plat'. I may be wrong in assuming that riven trading is mostly to blame for 'bad plat', but at present they represent the most valuable items in common trade amongst players, some going for thousands of plat and a reasonable chunk of real money. In other games in the industry, such as Runescape and World of Warcraft, gold and rare items have become a target for bad actors and as long as a pure RNG solution exists for rivens, this will be the same given that such an item will garner a high price. I still find plat websites propping up and while not as open as before, if you look you'll find them easily enough.

Now, to actually disclose why I even bring this up. Xoris is getting a nerfed interaction with exalted weapons on the back of eliminating player choice. If this was a global removal of rivens interacting with exalted weapons, this would be fine, but it will not be affecting any of the other stat sticks. As Brozime rightly points out in
8SlKS9RtIJk - In line with the Xoris nerfs, this is a call to remove or alter rivens.

this video, it only removes some convenience, but not power. With the release of Steel Path on the horizon and an increased demand for player power, there are going to be more people buying into and supporting the riven system.

DE is often praised for removing a lootbox system from Kubrow customization back in the day. They have it in their power to retool this system to be more consistent, considerate of player time investment and money. This should lower the price of acquisition so that less people are driven to buy second hand platinum. It should remain an opt in upgrade system as it is now, but with fixed values and fixed rewards.

Edit: As u/FTC_Publik expands upon in the comments, additional QoL upgrades could look like this:

If these changes are still unfair, then they should be removed and replaced with a new set of corrupted mods, or something that gives people lots of power with drawbacks, as the infamous godrolls have done since 2016. There are other parts of the game that could also be given a 'select your reward' system over RNG, but this is the most lucrative to bad actors.

Thank you for reading. I will probably find it difficult to sleep thinking about the replies this thread will get but I've already typed it out so I accept all criticism. Don't be gentle, I don't think I have been in this post.

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