In response of all the “waiting is not fun” related posts: Speed Up mechanics for everything are needed

Warframe3 - In response of all the "waiting is not fun" related posts: Speed Up mechanics for everything are needed

Another Patch, another "kind of Mobile Defense", another wave of people being annoyed by it.

I am really wondering why no one is clamouring for a change to all the time based game-modes.

One of the MOST QUOTED ISSUES WITH THESE GAMEMODES IS: It does not reward player skill, it rewards ways to do stuff AFK / while peeking at the other monitor.

These game modes are: Survival, Defense, Mobile Defense, Defection, Disruption, Excarvation, Salvage and Interception as well as all kinds of Bounties that are derivates of these modes.

All of these modes should get some mechanic that rewards player skill or preparation for that game mode by offering a way to speed up the progress of their waiting game.


For every Life Support Module unused gain 0.1 additional seconds towards the timer every second, for a maximum of 1 second for each unused module. Life Support Drain is increased the same way, making it increasingly difficult to keep up your % over time but increasing the gains by up to double. It would take 2:30 to complete a wave under optimal circumstances.


Press a button to taunt your enemies to send in all the clowns at once while giving them a speed and damage buff. Increases risk of your target dying to stray bullets yet allows a prepared team to obliterate all 5 waves in one swoop until the enemies become strong enough to pose a challenge on their own.


Mobile Defense

This already exists in Fortuna: Have enemies drop key codes that spawn a bit away to the side of the defense target. You'd need to leave it alone to hunt them down but if you do you cut a chunk off the hacking process.


Increase the movement speed of all NPCs by disabling their checkpoints in advance. Faster completion, higher risk of death of those we need to protect. Heal frames would make a huge difference.


Leaving keys on the ground increases the spawn-rate of enemy key carriers (because only these guys can secure them again). Allow key carriers to despawn keys on the ground if left alone.


Overloading Excarvators with more power cells than needed increases drill speed and thus reduces the remaining time. 1 cell overload = 10 seconds because of 20 seconds of double speed.


Not using the overloader and pumping in more anti serum into the console increases hack speed. Larger domes means less corrosion but have infested inside the dome become more aggressive.


Killing enemies (instead of making them fall asleep) causes them to drop parts of the decrypted message that speeds up your %.

TLDR: Why isn't there more voice behind this? You all are clamouring for less wasted time yet when people suggest changes "there are more important things to fix".

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