In the Fires of Ignition: Suggestions as to how to rework Ember

Warframe9 - In the Fires of Ignition: Suggestions as to how to rework Ember


So, I'm sure it's no secret that Ember's… not good. She's squishy, meaning she dies to stray bullets in Sortie 1, and has no way of scaling up her damage, and thus she can't even kill anything moderately quickly with her abilities in beyond the Starchart. This is only compounded by the fact that, as they're currently designed, Ember's abilities are difficult to buff to be on par with meta giants like Saryn or Mesa without turning her into an boring map-nuker capable of going completely afk on Starchart content.

Even Pablo, who's made some of the most engaging and well-designed Warframes such as Nidus and Harrow, admitted to having no idea how to rework her on his livestream:

"So.. when was this? Like a month and a half ago, I literally woke up at 4/5 AM, I woke up, and I was like ‘Oh! I know how to rework Ember!’. And then like, an hour and a half later, I went to bed and I was like "No, okay, I don't know". It's hard to fix her. It's hard to fix her because she has, uhh… some interesting things."

So, naturally, she's in a pretty tough spot. However, after several commutes of nothing better to do than brainstorm things, I feel like I may have an idea of how to redesign Ember's abilities and passive in a way that makes her a strong nuking warframe with a level of survivability, but also far more engaging to play. And to do that, I've tossed a good chunk of her kit into the fire, and let something new rise from the ashes.

Without further ado, let's get started:



"A walking inferno, Ember's temperature rises as she and her allies set enemies alight, making her abilities even hotter to handle."

Similar to Nidus, Ember now has an additional UI element and resource; a thermometer above her energy gauge that indicates her current "temperature" in Degrees Kelvin. By default, it starts at, and cannot drop below 300K, and can be increased by dealing heat damage to enemies with her weapons, rising by an amount equal to the damage dealt. It can also be raised by standing close (lets say, 7-10 meters) to enemies when they take heat damage from allies attacks. It's also possible to raise Ember's temperature by using her abilities, and by extension raise the strength of her abilities by raising her temperature, which we'll now delve into…

=First Ability=


"Launches a potent flaming projectile that leaves a trail of fire in its wake."

Cost: 45 Energy

Fireball now works similar to Nidus' Virulence; while holding the ability, the path it will travel is highlighted on the ground. Upon releasing, Ember will launch a fireball that wraps around enemies and explodes when it either hits a wall or travels it's maximum distance of 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 m. In addition, it sets the ground alight as it travels, leaving flames on the ground for a base duration of 10 seconds.

The projectile, the explosion, and the flames on the ground all have a 100% chance to inflict Ignite on enemies. The projectile and explosion deal 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 base heat damage, and the flames on the ground deal 50 / 100 / 125 / 150 heat damage. Furthermore, the damage of the explosion and projectile is increased by an amount equal to her current temperature; before finally being multiplied by her ability strength %. However, for the purpose of making sure she doesn't scale too quickly, Ember's current temperature isn't taken into account for how much the heat damage from the ability raises her temperature; only the base damage and ability strength.

Ability Range increases the distance the fireball will travel before exploding, and Efficiency will lower the cost to use the ability. Ability Duration raises the duration the duration of time the flames on the floor will remain. Casting speed reduces the time between releasing the ability use button and Ember hurling the projectile. Tapping the ability use button to quickly case the ability counts as a 1-handed action; but holding down the button to aim is considered a 2-handed action.

Finally, Fireball Frenzy now adds the bonus Heat Damage to allies if they stand in the flames left on the floor. Similar to Energizing Dash, the abilities duration wont start to count down until they leave the fire, and refreshes if they enter it again. It still scales with power strength and duration as normal. Ember herself can now stand in the fire to reap the rewards of this ability as well.

Firebolt is now a useful tool for raising Ember's temperature and providing a soft form of CC; functioning as a fusion of her old Fireball and Fire Blast abilities.

=Second Ability=


"Stun nearby enemies, and make them more vulnerable to fire damage as you raise your fire rate and attack speed."

Cost: 25 Energy

Accelerant largely remains the same as normal; multiplying heat damage dealt by 1.5x / 1.75x / 2x / 2.5x, scaling with ability strength, lasting 30 seconds, and having a radius of 8 / 12 / 15 / 20 m. However, instead of increasing Ember's casting speed, Accelerant now raises her fire rate and melee attack speed by 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% + (Current Temperature / 200)%.

This ability still scales with ability strength, duration, range and efficiency as normal. Ability Strength also now multiplies the effectiveness of the fire rate and attack speed buff.

Flash Accelerant functions as it normally does; except it will give allies the increased attack speed and fire rate instead of casting speed.

Accelerant serves as a useful way to speed up Ember's temperature scaling as well as her damage. As it was basically Ember's only good ability, not much needs to be changed for it to be effective.


=Third Ability=


"Drain your temperature to restore your energy."

Cost: 0 Energy

Replacing Fire Blast, Overdrive is the first of Ember's two completely new abilities. By pressing the ability use button, the ability will be toggled on and Ember will clench her fist and drain away her temperature to restore her energy reserves; consuming 200k per second and restoring 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 * (ability efficiency %) energy per second. Pressing the ability use button again will toggle this ability off. This ability doesn't lock Ember in place and can be used 1-handed.

This ability scales with ability efficiency; which multiplies the amount of energy generated per second.

Fire Fright adds an additional effect to the ability; adding 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 * (ability strength %) % Heat Damage to Ember's weapon attacks while the ability is active.

Overdrive gives Ember a reliable way to regenerate her energy similar to Nidus or Garuda, and an effective way to utilize her generated heat. It also incentives Ember players to get into the thick of the fight and rage like an inferno!

=Fourth Ability=


"Consume your gathered Temperature to surround Ember in a flaming barrier that melts away projectiles, which can then be unleashed as an all-consuming wall of fire."

Cost: 50 Energy to activate, and another 50 Energy to unleash the Wall of Fire.

This ability is going to take a while to explain.

Firstly, upon pressing the ability use button for the first time, Ember will come to a stop and coat herself in flames. While these flames surround her, all incoming damage reduces her Temperature instead of her health or shields; essentially, the ability makes Ember's Temperature function as an Iron Skin. This initial use costs 50 energy, which can be reduced by ability efficiency.

Tapping the ability use button again will toggle the ability off, allowing Ember to conserve her Temperature when necessary.

Hold down the ability use button while this is active though, and Ember will stop and slam her fist into the ground, reducing her temperature all the way back down to 300K as she unleashes a radial wall of fire that travels in all directions around her; similar to an Arson Eximus' attack. This wall of fire deals Heat Damage equal to (150 / 200 / 250 / 300 + Temperature prior to slam) * Ability Strength, has a status chance of 10 / 20 / 25 / 30 %, and has a range of 7 / 10 / 12 / 15 * (ability range %). Most importantly, the ability requires line-of-sight to damage enemies, stopping the issue of Ember nuking maps from several rooms away. Unleashing the wall of fire will also cost another 50 Energy. Finally, damage dealt by this ability will not raise Ember's temperature.

Firequake now gives this ability a chance to knock surviving enemies down, similar to how an Arson Eximus' attack can knock down Warframes that don't roll into it.

Meltdown gives Ember two essentials and is effectively the crux of her kit; it's first use, the fire armor, gives Ember some much needed survivability and also incentives her, once again, to get into the line of fire to attack enemies head on. Meanwhile, the wall of fire functions as a revival of Ember's nuking ability; but in a way that wont allow players to go AFK on a defense mission, and with the addition of a line-of-sight requisite, stops Ember from blowing up entire maps.


In today's meta of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, Arbitrations, Sorties, and hour-long endless missions, the matter of fact is that damage-focused Warframes simply need to have a way of scaling-up their damage in order to keep up. Without any form of scaling, Ember simply lacks the tools necessary to be effective in any mission beyond the Starchart; and even then, she starts to struggle near the end.

I believe my suggestions as to how to rework her would give her a strong, but simple form of scaling damage that would be easy to grasp for new and returning players. Furthermore, I've tried my hardest to minimize the amount of new art assets that would need to be made; Firebolt can reuse Fireball's animation, Accelerant is essentially the same, Overdrive can reuse some of its animation from Mag's Crush, and Meltdown can use animations from World of Fire for the fire armor, and Fire Blast for the wall of fire.

In addition, while these abilities are strong, I don't believe they'd power-creep todays meta giants, thanks to the requirement of needing to build up temperature. Mesa still would clear rooms faster, Rhino can create his iron-skin armor much earlier in the mission, and Chroma's Vex Armor would grant a far higher, and by extension universal damage boost to all damage types.

I would be completely honored if Digital Extremes were to look at, and consider my suggestions. I'm more than willing to adjust my suggestions according to the feedback of both fellow players as well as the developers.

Ember is a Warframe with an excellent appearance and strong-but-simple theme weighed down by a weak kit, and I believe it's time for her to rise from the ashes, and let her flames rage on.

PS: Here's a link to an equivalent forum post, in case people would like to review the replies there. Please don't comment on the forum topic if you've come from here, as that would be brigading, which is not ok.

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