Infested Liches (Warframe Prime)

Warframe7 - Infested Liches (Warframe Prime)

I had an idea for what could be the infested counterpart to Liches and Queenpins. Wouldn't it be cool if in infested tile sets, there was a chance of a heavy unit to invade, similar to juggernauts, but upon performing a finisher on it, it's steal some of your Warframe's essence and forms a bond with it, replicating it's form and abilities (ala Metroid Prime)? The enemy itself would resemble it's progenitor with some random variations, and would wield infested variants of either random tenno weapons (Coranth, Nikana, Pyrana, etc) or the progenitor's signatures (Astilla, Fulmin, Extra Infested Hirudo, probably not thought since that would be too many weapons).

Creating one disables one ability of the frame you used to kill it and marks new missions on several planets. In these missions you will find large tumors meant to spread the doppelganger's influence. To destroy them, you need to kill the doppelganger's special units, which will drop antigens that will allow you to destroy the tumor. Only one is needed to destroy the a tumor, but up to 5 can injected at once, earning more progress towards the doppelganger's "critical mass," it's rage equivalent. Destroying them all will cause a boss to spawn, heavy infested units (like the juggernauts) at low mass, Bosses (phorid, weakened prelate) at medium mass, and the doppelganger itself at critical mass.


Each time you kill it, it's body is destroyed but it's spores preserve it's memory and a mother mass composed of it's original tissue and your stolen essence gestate a new body, located on one of it's held nodes, but unspecified. Each death increases it's strength, but also causes it to grow weary and become less inclined to venture farther from it's home node, removing one planet from it's influence. When it reaches one planet held, there is a chance that the mission you select will be it's stronghold, and you will perform a siege, where you have to destroy tumor nodes, each protected by a boss, then defeat the doppelganger and destroy it's source, which will grant you it's weapon and restore your power. You can also capture the creature, and instead of slaying it and claiming it's weapon, it will be devoured by helminth and enhance the stolen ability. The enhanced affect will be applied to all current and future copies of that frame you own, prime or no, though the enhanced effect will not be transferable to other frames through subsumation if it also happens to be a subsumable ability.

The mechanics could be done better, I just thought that the knock-off Dark Samus mechanic would be cool, as well as more unique encounters as opposed to the current lich missions, which are just normal missions with thrall and the occasional visit from the lich itself.

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