Introducing (a very, very, very alpha version of) WarframeMarketAnalyzer!

Warframe7 - Introducing (a very, very, very alpha version of) WarframeMarketAnalyzer!

Hi all! I wrote a post about a week ago talking about creating a new software tool for aggregating and analyzing information about Warframe's vast array of content. (https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/k7iclv/looking_for_input_interest_level_on_possible_app/). I've started working on development and I'm proud to announce the alpha (0.0.1) release of WarframeMarketAnalyzer! This is just a small and fairly rudimentary piece of the toolkit I'd like to put together, but the whole reason I wrote it is because I couldn't find a different program that already did it, so I wanted to start sharing it with anyone else who'd like to use it as early in development as possible.

So, what does WarframeMarketAnalyzer do? It aggregates and filters data from several different sources to produce two CSV files (comma-separated value, a format that can be interpreted by any major spreadsheet program including the free Google Sheets web app). The first contains a list of every tradable mod and the second contains a list of every tradable Prime item part, including full sets. They are accompanied by lots of game data perfect for both reference and sorting, as well as current pricing data based on both 48 Hour and 90 Day periods.

Both files include for each item:

  • Item Name
  • Average Sale Price (Last 48 Hours and Last 90 Days)
  • Lowest Sale Price (Last 48 Hours and Last 90 Days)
  • Highest Sale Price (Last 48 Hours and Last 90 Days)
  • Number of Sales (Last 48 Hours and Last 90 Days)

The Mods file also includes for each item:

  • Rank Priced For (pretty much 3 for Requiem Mods and 0 for everything else)
  • Max Rank
  • Type (High-level Type: Warframe, Weapon Type, Stance, Aura, Companion, etc)
  • Compatibility (Finer-grained Type: Specific Warframe/Weapon/Weapon Class/Companion/etc)
  • Rarity
  • IsAugment
  • IsSet
  • IsConclaveOnly

The Prime Parts file also includes for each item:

  • Assembled Item Name
  • Part Name (Barrel, Neuroptics, Cerebrum, Blueprint, etc)
  • Type (Warframe, Weapon, Companion, etc)
  • IsVaulted
  • IsFullSet
  • Number In Full Prime Set
  • Ducats
  • Ducats Per Plat Ratio (based on average price from last 48 Hours and last 90 Days)

Please be advised that due to limitations of the Warframe.Market API, the tool takes about 15 minutes to run. I am looking into ways to improve that, but there was nothing I could do about it right away. The program is simple and easy to run: Open it from anywhere, hit the Run button, and let it run in the background until there's a pop-up saying it succeeded. That's it. The output directory is <User Home>/WarframeMarketAnalyzer.

I am planning to publish this tool and its source code as an open-source project on Github, but until I get that set up I am retaining all rights to it. However, you may freely share the compiled program. For the time being the 0.0.1 release can be found here:

Windows Application: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cnapfebo6oa8frn/WarframeMarketAnalyzer0.0.1.exe?dl=0

Executable Jar:

The application requires that you have Java 1.9 or newer installed. If you're running the Windows Application version, it should prompt you to download it if it's not already installed.

Again, please keep in mind this is a very early and very unpolished release. I have tested it and as far as I know it works correctly, but I cannot guarantee that it's bug-free. If you do run into any issues, please let me know so I can fix them. If you have suggestions for information or features you'd like to see added, I'd love to hear from you as well!

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