Irreverent Summary of pre game story. TLDR.

Warframe12 - Irreverent Summary of pre game story. TLDR.


A small group of humans reached a technological peak that maked them functionally immortal and subjugatedated the rest of humanity, demanding to be treated as gods and abusing their power.

Humans were seditious, so they replaced the slaves with robots, passing laws to stop them getting too brainy big.

One guy with a ego and complex wanted to prove himself with sudo-science, but got laughed at after years of failure; nearly died discovering the ugaboga dimension; still, gave his people FLT, but chose to give up immortality, because the thing he saw in ugaboga land spooked him so.

Galactic empire boomed. Orokin caste at the top, then mega corporation, then normals living on the edge, in fear.


Stuff began to run out.

Orokin science guy made smart terraforming robots, law guys mad at him, as he broke taboo, but ultimately decided to use them.

Smart machines sent slowly through space to a new star systems (Tau).

Machines at home get scarily smart, so they ditched; basic ones given shock collars and most replaced with clone slaves, 'meant' to be too stupid to realise how awful their lives are (Grineer).

Ordis story time: "I have hidden the truth from the Operator, from myself. Take it from me, knowing is Hell. You will want to laugh, you will want to scream."

Smart bots finish making Tau system ready, but get smart thought: Humans are greedy F ups; they broke Earth, they broke the solar system, they'll just break Tau."

gasp for breath

They decide to stop humans coming and take a shortcut back to Sol, through ugaboga land; but it breaks their "wombs" so now, if they want more children/drones to do stuff, they need to break off fragments of themselves.

The Old War happens. Sentients turn technology against the organics.

The Orokin take away the tanks and give their soldiers swords and guns, because that's the best way to fight giant robots … then they unleash the infestation.

The Zaramann 10-zero is sent to ugaboga land.

Was it military vessel, full of kiddies? Or colonisation ship, sent to Tau?


Who knows, story has always been a conspiracy with many unreliable narrators.

(Rell comic)

(Ember prime codex)

(Rhino Prime codex)

Margulis makes second dream and then they deaded her.

Ballas is sad man.

Ballas makes warmachines, (not Stark or Rhody).

Ballas decided to kill all humans, because the Orokin high council executed love and after all, only Orokin as humans matter.

Ballas makes plan.

Natah made and sent to Lua, from the Prey reboot game.

Natah turned into Lotus.

Natah leads Tenno and deads Erra.

Kuva tower blood makes hive minds and fixes Sentient "wombs", but Gara kills before more can learn and reverse menstruate.

Tenno kill Sentients (all according to both sides' plan), then kill Orokin (Stalker codex)(all according to Sentients plan), then go safely to long long sleepy time (according no-ones (Lotus'?) plan).


Slaves that are too stupid to rebel rebel (Arid eviscerater research – Simaris).

Reviled Orokin twins take Grineer bodies and become the queens, secretly ruling the Grineer rebels as still slaves.

Mass cloning of humans without working danglies makes DNA sad.

Vor gets a plan.Vor gets old.

Vor carries out plan.

Wakey wakey.

You kill Vor.

Legacy game mechanic makes Vor first lich, but ugaboga lich, not kuva litch (Lich not Litch, because DE).

Story quests:

(Stolen Dreams -> New Strange ->) Natah -> The Second Dream -> The War Within -> Chains of Harrow ->The Apostacy Prologue -> The Sacrifice -> The Chimera Prologue -> The Ropabolyst ->The Rising Tide -> Erra -> The New War.

Shocky shocking Ballas in charge all alongsey. He wants us deaded, like wifeyGF.

There you goes.

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