Is DE ever going to move the wiki from wikia to another site?

Warframe14 - Is DE ever going to move the wiki from wikia to another site?

My problem with Wikia is the performance is awful, the auto playing videos cannot be turned off, it uses tracking services like quantserve to collect your personal info, the mobile site is unusable, the ads make sure you spend more time looking at them instead of the content you came for with methods such as blocking your entire screen and sometimes adding a timer before you can get back to reading, attempts to bypass adblockers, and attempts to block you from accessing the site if you use an adblocker or tracking blocker. The site is a horrible experience and if you are viewing the site in the steam web browser or another browser while playing you are likely to get a big performance hit if you use a low or mid end computer.


I am aware of: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/8y28j4/warframe_wiki/, but it isn't even usable yet and its been a while, so I am guessing its stalled for whatever reason. I just don't know why DE still uses it considering all that.

EDIT: To add some clarification, I am aware that its the fans who do the editing, but wikia is officially endorsed by DE being the one linked on their website as the official wiki and no matter what the community thinks they cannot remove or change it to prevent new players from going to wikia. So it is in part because of DE.

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