Is Digital Extreme and other gaming companies cracking down on reshades?

Warframe2 - Is Digital Extreme and other gaming companies cracking down on reshades?

Hey guys, I've been playing warframe for 4 years now and about to turn into my fifth year and I absolutely love this game. It basically a dress up game for sci-fi nerds(endgame = fashionframe) and Extra Thicc robutt simulation(mesa prime's "bug").

However, a few days ago, I was told that I was suspended for violating EULA. my first reaction was "welp, DE server dead again" since there was something similar a few days ago where people thought DE was deleting their accounts when they couldn't log in. So, I tried again a few hours later and found the same result. So I start combing through what I did for the last few days.

-helene, saturn because of affinity booster

-hierocon because mesa relics

-mesa relic

-mesa relic

-no neuroptics for 30 rad runs

-gave up and cry myself to sleep

so nothing strange, just the usual.

I started combing through recent bans that DE gave.

-noob's exp cheat- didn't heard of it until now

-fake plat- what is "fake" plat?

-third party programs?

I don't have script or any other thing opened other than 14 chrome tabs of anime, warframe.market, "hurt" by Johnny Cash, "sound of silence", and 10 hours of torture dance JOJO part 5.

Then, I found it, I was using reshade, specificlly reshade preset "warframe 2018" that makes the colors more vibrant.


When I first use reshade,

I followed this post: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/550671-would-we-get-banned-for-using-reshade/

and it said that reshade is fine for Warframe. So I went on and started using it.

I thought DE just changed their policy for the new year I guess.

The rabbit hole goes deeper though, it is found that recently people from the gaming community are banned for using graphic presets like reshade and enb to make their game look better.

Refer to this video by YungYea :

In that video, YungYea said that reshade honestly did not provide any gameplay advantages to games so there is no reason why people who use it are treated the same way as the people that use scriptmanagers and cheatengine.

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I find this really interesting and to be honest I don't care about the suspension. I needed something to prevent me from playing warframe and get some family time during new years and xmas anyway.

What do you guys think? Do you guys use reshade?

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