Is the Codex in Need of a Mass Audit/Revision?

Warframe6 - Is the Codex in Need of a Mass Audit/Revision?

As an avid collector of codex entries I've noticed many issues with the codex the more I scan things into it. Due to a myriad of issues, I am led to believe the codex needs to be thoroughly reviewed and combed over entry by entry. Contained below are issues I've documented with the codex related to Organization & Categorization, visual deficiencies, scan requirements, interactions with helios, and a number of other miscellaneous issues.

Organization & Categorization

Anyone who's browsed through the codex enough knows that there are many strange decisions made regarding what goes where including but not limited to:

  1. resource nodes from fortuna falling into the miscellaneous category of objects instead of the resource category unlike poe resource nodes i.e. marpico trees in resources but tepa nodules in miscellaneous.
  2. poe and fortuna fish not having their own category under objects and haphazardly being placed under miscellaneous
  3. amalgum enemies being inconsistently placed between sentient and corpus factions instead of one or the other
  4. corrupted vor placed under grineer despite being corrupted
  5. the chroma scanned in new strange falling under infested
  6. the lack of a tenno faction tab despite tenno faction entries like clem
  7. kavor defectors placed under the grineer faction despite similar defectors like ghoul defectors being placed under tenno faction

Visual Deficiencies

We all know the Codex is old. Like, really old. Some of these issues display this age while others are fresh including but not limited to:

  1. elite frontier lancers displaying a hind in their portraits despite using karaks
  2. drekar elite lancers displaying a hind in their portrait despite using harpaks
  3. scorches display a modified red grakata instead of the ignis they actually use
  4. demolisher enemies don't display any weapons in the model viewer
  5. kuva and tusk shield lancers have new shields but that isn't reflected in the 3D models or the portraits
  6. elite crewmen have light blue suits in their portraits but actually have dark blue suits in game
  7. drahks and kuva drahks have the same bare drahk portrait despite kuva drahks wearing kuva armor
  8. nullifier targets display the same portrait as the generic corpus target
  9. corrupted wardens use the same portrait as grineer wardens

Scan Requirements

Some of the recent scan requirements for enemies have been pretty crazy and out of the norm. These include but are not limited to:

  1. demolisher ghouls of all types requiring 20 scans while all other demolishers take only 3
  2. lynx turrets requiring 20 scans
  3. desert skates requiring 20 scans


  1. vapos eximus enemies requiring just as many scans as their vanilla vapos counterparts i.e. vapos crewmen eximus requiring 20 scans because regular vapos crewmen require 20 scans. These are hard enough to find as is since they get replaced by elite vapos crewmen in infinite missions very quickly if they appear at all.

Interactions with Helios

Some things can be scanned by helios but don't show up in codex. Some things show up in codex but cant be scanned by helios. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. No kavor defector entries can be scanned by helios. They must be scanned manually
  2. Clem cannot be scanned by helios
  3. Ghoul defector cannot be scanned by helios
  4. barriers set up by vapos and terra crewmen can be scanned by helios but do not appear in objects despite being equivalent to grineer blunts which do show up in objects
  5. depressed pipes(the things you shoot to release flames in gas city) can be scanned by helios but don't show up in codex
  6. Scanners(the things on doors used to detect you in gas city) can be scanned by helio but don't show up in codex
  7. consoles we defend in poe are scanned by helios and are considered separate from regular grineer consoles, but dont show up in codex
  8. fomorian cores can be scanned by helios but dont show up in codex
  9. kuva lancers in normal content and kuva lancers in war within are considered separate by helios despite their scans contributing to the same entry. This has lead to me having 41 kuva lancer entries in my codex.

Other Issues

  1. vestan moss, frostleaf, ruk's claw, dusklight saracenia, lunar pitcher, as well as sunlight & moonlight variants of threscones, dragonlilies, and jadeleaf dont make an appearance in objects despite being essential resources for crafting apothics and being scannable both manually and by helios.
  2. mytocardia sacs have duplicate entries just because of differing 3D models
  3. demolisher nox entry has the same name as regular nox entry
  4. corpus power carrier and terra corpus power carrier entries have the same name

These Issues lead me to believe that the codex in need of a serious, thorough review. Feel free to post any issues you guys have noticed.

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