Is there a way for a beginner to understand both the mechanics and the lore of this game without having to read the wiki?

Warframe13 - Is there a way for a beginner to understand both the mechanics and the lore of this game without having to read the wiki?

I like this game so far, but I feel like I'd enjoy it more if I understood what was happening. To preface this a bit I'm a solo player. I tend to play APRGs for the narrative and sense of immersion into the fantasy world (stuff like Borderlands or Diablo) as well as the gameplay. Warframe's visuals I'm always down to play something with the words "space" and/or "ninja" in a tagline.

I have about 20 hours logged, and I have no idea what the fuck is going on. I played this game during for a little during beta a long time ago but stopped playing because I ran into the problem I'm having now. The core gameplay loop feels super great! The shooting and slicing of space baddies is just on point, but I can't get into the world because not a damn thing has been explained to me. Every session of play I have had so far had me having fun, but at the same time raising a bunch of questions that the game doesn't even begin to address.

I have a bunch of materials with names I don't even know I'm pronouncing correctly. What do they do? What should I be crafting? Also, to what end? Why are there a zillion items in my inventory? I really understand the combat other than "damage"? Why doesn't the game explain anything to me? There a ton of planets and places I don't know where should I go? In what order? What is the mod station, what does it do?

I'm space ninja slicing and shooting enemies I don't know for reasons I don't understand. Am I my Warframe or is it some sort of bioexosuit? Who is the space DJ congratulating to why I kill stuff? Who is the space priestess(?) telling me what to do? Who is the A.I. on my spaceship? Why are they seemingly damaged?

What is going in this game? Why is everything obfuscated? There is obviously a pretty epic (in the literary sense) scifi narrative going on, but I can't even begin to engage with it because I feel like the game has done very little to even begin to hint at explaining the content for me.


I really want to understand what's going, but I'm having the same problem I have with Destiny (which I also stopped playing for similar reasons). When I played Destiny I was very annoyed that all the lore and stuff seemed to be important but was never really explained to me very well. They used a bunch of cool sounding scifi words and terms much like Warframe to justify me shooting things. The world-building also seemingly deep and vast, but I felt like it just throw me in an ocean of lore during a storm.

I feel the same way with Warframe, it looks and feels dope, but I feel like I would have more fun if I understood what the hell was going on, or at the very least a semblance. I know that these games are meant to be play for 100s of hours, but I really don't want to have to wait that long to understand the basics. Everything in the game seems to assume I already know that's going on. I'm totally okay with narrative not being spoon-fed to me as a player, but I don't want to leave a game to gain a basic understanding of the game.

Reading a wiki to understand what is going in a game seems like a horrible new player experience. It's not fun to learn a game outside a game. Even one as cool as this one I feel like it's a big design failure to force players leave a game to learn how to engage with it. Also, I think I spoiled some content for myself on accident. I appreciate Warframe's sense of freedom, but freedom and direction don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Is there anything I can do to improve my newish player experience? I'm not trying to rant against the game (well I guess I just did, but I mean not to rant against the game in a salty disingenuous way), I want to like it. It seems to make that difficult. Is this a common experience for new players?

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