Isolation & Arcana Bounty Flow Changes

Warframe11 - Isolation & Arcana Bounty Flow Changes

Season’s greetings, Tenno!

With Deimos: Arcana came the new Arcana Bounties. These multi-staged Isolation Vault Bounties have new tilesets, new tasks, and new rewards to earn. As you’re currently familiar with, in order to play any of the new Arcana Bounties, you first had to complete an Isolation Vault. On top of that, to escalate into Tier 2 and Tier 3 difficulty, you had to complete them chronologically each time.

While having an increased skill path for newer high Tier rewards makes sense on paper, the process and time it takes to reach the higher Tiers and Arcana Bounties is a long haul. Not each squadmate is keen on going all the way! The below is an accumulation of Community and Dev feedback to address these concerns, and allow a less restricted path to the Arcana Bounties and their rewards.

Isolation Vault Flow Changes
We have 4 main pillars of Isolation Vault flow changes. Not only do these changes significantly loosen the required routine, but they also aim to further improve the process for less new player confusion.

  1. You will only ever need to complete a specific Tier of Isolation Bounty once to unlock the next Tier.
    1. For example: Complete the Tier 1 Isolation Vault near Necralisk Gates. You can then leave Deimos or even log off, and the next time you return to Cambion Drift you can go immediately to the Tier 2 Isolation Vault Bounty location and run that Bounty. No need to run the Tier 1 bounty again if you don’t want to.
  2. Once the Isolation Vault Tier is completed, you can run the Arcana Bounty at that same Tier.
    1. Similar to the new Isolation Vault flow above, you can leave the session and upon returning to Cambion Drift you can go straight into the Arcana Bounty without first completing the Isolation Vault at that location.
  3. Each Isolation Vault Bounty Tier now has a specific Mother location in Cambion Drift to provide a concrete flow with less confusion.
    1. Tier 1 = Mother located in ‘UNDULATUM’
    2. Tier 2 = Mother located between ‘ALBRECHT'S PROSPECT’ and ‘CATABOLIC GUTTER’
    3. Tier 3 = Mother located in ‘THE ABSCESS’

Mother Bounty Locations

  1. All 3 Tiers of Isolation Vault Bounties will be available from Mother within the Necralisk.

Isolation Vault / Arcana Bounty Droptable Changes
Changing the Isolation Vault flow was just the first step – , the second step addresses the main school of thought surrounding Arcana Bounty rewards: the Arcana Bounty rewards are not balanced enough to be worth the journey. Now that the Arcana Bounties will be more easily accessible, it’s time to rebalance the drop tables:

  1. Both Isolation Vault Bounties and Arcana Bounties now share a droptable. There are 3 different droptables for each Isolation/Arcana Bounty Tier that rotates every ~3 hours, allowing you to selectively choose the reward you seek and when – exactly how other Open World Bounties work.

a. This rotation follows the same window as the Bounty rotation in the Necralisk.


Updated Bounty Timer

  1. Rewards within the Isolation Vault/Arcana Bounties have been rebalanced to provide a better kick at the can for higher coveted rewards:

Droptable content breakdown:

  • Orokin Matrixes
    • Less % chance overall.
  • Relics
    • Midpoint % between the two old Bounty types.
  • Necramech Weapon Parts
    • Now split up among the three droptables so you can target.
  • Necramech Mods
    • Similar drop % chance, but split up to allow more targeted runs.
  • Deimos Arcanes
    • Significantly higher drop % chance.
  • Scintillant (T1)
    • Midpoint drop % chance between the two old Bounty types
  • Weapon parts (T2 & T3)
    • Slightly reduced: You only ever need 1 of the Sporothrix and Arum Spinosa Blueprint. Getting all the way to the Arcana Bounties and receiving another Weapon Blueprint is not a feel good moment. Although this doesn’t completely eliminate getting duplicates, the drop % reduction does allow for better chances towards the other rewards.

No longer in the tables:
Both of these were taken out to allow for better odds at getting newer/desired rewards.

  • Rare Deimos Gems
  • Endo

Our Warframe PC Droptable site will reflect these changes when it goes live.

BONUS: Making Sporothrix and Arum Spinosa Blueprints tradable
To balance out the Weapon Blueprint drop % reduction we’ve made the Sporothrix and Arum Spinosa Blueprints tradable. The Sporothrix and Arum Spinosa parts were already Tradable, but it’s now one step further.

There we have it! We’re putting the final test touches on these changes to have them go live this week on PC. Unfortunately, a lot of these changes are code, meaning it will need to go through the Cert process for Consoles – expect these to come in an Update in the new year!

Please let us know your thoughts – thanks for reading!

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