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it’s 2020/02/20 so here’s 20 ideas for buff Nyx

Warframe9 - it's 2020/02/20 so here's 20 ideas for buff Nyx

Why (Nyx, CC in general and Warframe' problem) :

Nyx has fallen out of the metagame right now, simply because why bother CCing when you can press 4 with Saryn Mesa Volt some frames and kill everything instead. CCing is useless at lower level when everything dies to you just looking at them, and becomes useful only when enemy scaling becomes so impossibly high you can't kill anymore (but at this point you're better off just restarting the mission).

The ideas

So, here's 20+20 ideas to buff Nyx back into the game, sorted in no order, though I realize perfectly some ideas might be more feasible than others. Some of these ideas will work better if used together obviously (for example, 1 and 2 and 3). Not all ideas are to be added as she could become overwhelming efficient (though, again, some frames are overwhelmingly powerful and nobody really cares). Most of these ideas are trying to give another way to play Nyx without using a Terminator Nyx build, by making her other spells (especially her 1) more potent.

  1. Psychic Bolts : amount of affected targets scale with power strength. (in a horde game like WF, having only 6 targets at a time is not worth the energy).
  2. Psychic Bolts : Can now destroy nullifier bubbles.
  3. New passive : for each enemy affected by Nyx's ability, you gain +10% power strength on your next ability cast. (reason is : STR is her dumped stat – this way you can still have some use out of Absorb's damage and Mind control).
  4. Mind control : You can order your Mind Controlled target to move or use a terminal by tapping 1 (holding 1 will release the ability).
  5. Mind control Augment : Target becomes vulnerable again. All damage afflicted by enemies will be multiplied by 10 and, upon ability release (death or release of ability), target will emit a 10m pulse that deals to each enemy in range. Damage is not split.
  6. Mind control : Target will teleport to Nyx if further than 40m away like any specter would.
  7. Mind control Augment : For every enemy killed by the mind controlled target, it will add +5 second to the duration of the ability.
  8. Mind Control : duration removed entirely and target can stay Mind Controlled forever ; invulnerability lost to balance it.
  9. Psychic Bolts Augment : Enemies affected by ability will glow for 5 seconds. If the enemy is killed during this window, it'll fire 2 more Psychic Bolts. Can repeat ad infinitum.
  10. Synergy : Casting Mind control on a recently debuffed or chaos'd enemy will not cost any energy (reason is, armor is taken in consideration when you shoot the target in the initial phase of the ability to increase damage so it actually costs 50+25 to make it optimal).
  11. Synergy : Casting Psychic Bolt on Chaos'd enemies will refund 8 energy/enemy (6 bolts x 8 energy = 24 energy, ability almost refunded).
  12. Chaos change : current augment fused into ability.
  13. Chaos augment : Enemies that receive up to 20% of their hp as damage by enemies under the effect of Chaos are automatically affected by chaos as well (allows chaos to spread without recast).
  14. Chaos augment : Enemies have a 50% chance to drop their weapon (Loki has basically chaos with his augment as well, so might as well go full circle there).
  15. New ability, replaces Psychic bolts : Provoke – Nyx makes her presence known to all enemies in a large radius. All enemies will focus fire on Nyx ; for each enemy noticing her, Nyx gains +10% damage resistance for the duration of the ability, caps at 90% DR
  16. Change to Absorb : Nyx will throw the Absorb bubble to the reticle area on ability end (Think of Goku's Genkidama – allow for easier offensive use with it)
  17. Change to Absorb : Damage dealt is now true damage
  18. New ability, replaces absorb : Nightmare – Turns Nyx into a spectre (same mechanics as Excalibur Umbra) for the duration of the ability. Creates a controllable and movable 10m sphere around Nyx ; Enemies inside the sphere for 3 seconds will take 750 slash damage with guaranteed slash proc, and will take 750 damage every additional 3 seconds with guaranteed slash proc. Upon release, any enemy inside the sphere will be affected by Chaos.
  19. Nightmare Augment: Sleep paralysis – enemies inside the sphere will suffer a 10% timescale debuff (similar to Nova's MP) every time they suffer a slash proc. caps at -90%
  20. Nightmare Augment : (no name) – Enemies permanently lose 33% armor everytime they suffer the slash proc.


I fucking love Nyx. Her prime, and generally her fashionframe potential, looks amazing. She needs something to be done to play better.

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    Feb 26, 2020 6:42 am

    Would rather they dump s1 for something new.

    Combine s2+s3+s2’s [email protected] so you have an aoe that stuns and strips 100% armor. Make the new augment/s have a viral effect.

    Add another new skill since s2 and s3 were combined.

    Combine s4+s4’s augment and change the augment to completely remove the speed limit. Maybe make it a duration skill.

    It’s all wishful thinking, we all know they’ll decide to buff Wisp for some reason or another instead of giving any worthwhile love to the frames that got a lot of people into the game to begin with.

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