I’ts time for gun to gun switching to be made instant/near instant like gun to melee.

Warframe6 - I'ts time for gun to gun switching to be made instant/near instant like gun to melee.

Now hear me out, I've tried to have this issue get more attention for years and I've even made quite a few videos on the topic Posted quite a lot on this sub and the forums and I won't give up.

Click here for My video (A Kind Word On: warframe weapon switching speed)

While I'm sure it isn't the biggest problem the game faces now I'm certain that faster/near instant weapon switching can benefit the gameplay greatly and make it even more smooth and satisfying than it already is. but before I get into my thoughts on why lets go over the obvious.

Gun to gun switching in this game, compared to gun to melee switching, is unbearably slow.

this is because gun to melee is instant while gun to gun switching takes longer than a second, about 1.7 seconds (an average reload speed worth of time) compared to the instant switch of gun to melee.

Now the most common argument I've gotten is to use speed holster mods, however after extensive testing and research (yes I actually did watch the my video for a more in depth explination) I have found out that no matter how many holster speed mods you equip you can't go under 0.6 seconds, indicating that there is either an intentional or unintentional cap on how fast you can switch, something that doesn't happen with melee because gun to melee is instant and it FEELS AMAZING.

And I was surprised that it didn't get looked at after the melee changes since instant melee feels so good, combining the offensive power of your guns and melee in a way that only a warframe can.

The weapon switching being so slow in a fast paced shooter like warframe feels strange to me, since if I take a look at other fast paced shooters like vanquish, Doom eternal, Ultrakill, these all seem to have near instant weapon switching and the gameplay is just so much fluid than if they had a 1.7 second delay before shooting your other gun.


Another common argument is that weapons wouldn't carry the same "weight" if we switched instantly to them, and I believe this to be incorrect because the "weight" of a weapon should be carried by the gun itself and not the animation you do to take it out, the "weight" should be carried by its design sound and feel, and to suggest I'ts carried by the equipping animation feels like an insult to the all the work that went to the moddeling, texturing, rigging, and sound design of the weapon.

I believe that if we had near instant switching we would be able to make weapon combos that wouldn't just be viable but fun.

Imagine you are almost about to finish off an enemy and you have either the sepulcrum or the trumna equipped and you take that opportunity to switch to that weapon to kill the enemy and charge up your secondary fire.

Or what about combining a high status gun with a high damage and crit gun that way you can weaken and debuff an enemy to the point where they will take 1 shot to kill.

Or having an AOE weapon that shreds crowds of fodder and a high precision gun that can take care of those enemies that take a few more hits.

Or as a last example a slow but high damage weapon to deal with most enemies, but a high firerate weapon to deal with specifically nullifiers.

All of these combinations can be done in the game now for sure but they are being held back by the poor switching speed in the game, when i can reload or wack stuff with my melee faster than switching to my other gun there is no point in doing so.

The combos that we could do would make the gameplay of this game so much more fluid than it already is.

Not to mention operator transference is instant, necramech summoning is instant and they feel amazing too.

as a closing statement.

We are Interstellar Void-Powered Biomechanical Death Machines. We should be able to switch guns quicker if not instantly.

Thank you for taking your time to read, and have a wonderful day. cheers!

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