It’s time for me to leave Warframe, my gaming home for the last 6 years. I just want to say thank you, deeply.

Warframe9 - It's time for me to leave Warframe, my gaming home for the last 6 years. I just want to say thank you, deeply.

Well, I was planning to do a super long post featuring the personal highlights of these 6 years of Warframe, but I ended up thinking I'll never have the time to write such thing, and I really wanted to write something.

Warframe has been an incredible journey for me, I remember when I started playing in April 2013 and looking at the game now it's shocking to see how much has changed.

Stll, the potential was there, you could feel it, that's why I am so proud to have been a Founder.

Warframe also gave me back a lot, I really feel like it has been my gaming home for all these years, it's hard to describe with words what the game meant to me and how it made me feel; being a Tenno really felt like being a part of a big family, and that's clearly because DE wanted us to feel that way in the first place, they've been always here, both in the good and bad times, discussing with us, having fun with us, arguing with us. Like a real family.

Sadly, I feel like it's time for me to go and leave home: 6 years ago I had a girlfriend and a part time job. Now I am married with 2 daughters, full time job.

Lately, Warframe became bigger and bigger, always more ambitious, but that also meant that updates were bigger and way less frequent: this led me to feel uncomfortable, as there was too much content dropping like a bomb and I didn't have time to deal with it, while in the first years there were small updates every week I could enjoy with little time.

Now instead, I am sadly in a situation where I just wanted to "get rid" of the new content asap to avoid being left behind and that's just wrong; not blaming Warframe of course, the game has changed and my life has changed too. Like a real family, it's probably just time for me to leave the nest.

I'll be honest trying to avoid being over dramatic, but it hurts. It really does. I feel like I need to leave and just forget about Warframe for a while because looking back would be painful. In a good way though, it'd be painful because of the memories and because of the love I have for this game. Like a real family, I guess.


I'm not leaving to play "X" game, because I am upset at Warframe, the devs or whatever. I'm leaving because it's time.

All I want to say is thank you. I love Warframe, I love DE, I love how the game made me feel for the past years. There's no game that I'll remember with more affection than Warframe.

It wasn't obviously all unicorns and rainbows, of course, there were good times and bad ones(someone said Detron and Hema?), but the first outshine the others by a huge margin. Like a real family.

Thank you so much, Digital Extreme, for making such a game and being so open with your community. One of my biggest dreams would have been to meet you all at a Tennocon, but it's quite hard to plan from Italy in my current RL state. So I guess I'll stick to a virtual handshake(a hug maybe?). You've come a long way since the closed beta, stay awesome and keep on doing the amazing work.

Thank you to the community as well! The best gaming community around, period. "BuT iT's PvE blablabla". Screw that, PvE or not it doesn't change the fact that despite everything the Tenno are simply awesome.

A special thank goes to /u/rebulast , of course, your work for the community has been simply outstanding.

Enjoy Warframe you all, and thank you once again!


As a side note, I'll do one last giveaway, the last "Let me buy that for you", I was dreaming to reach the 100th, instead I guess I'll stop at 62; I have 20k plat left, I'll just burn them all with as many winners as those can grant.

Look forward to it soon!

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