I’ve been saying this since 2016, Hydroid is poorly made, charge mechanics need to be changed.

Warframe7 - I've been saying this since 2016, Hydroid is poorly made, charge mechanics need to be changed.

Edit: To clarify, hold mechanic changes how the ability works, charging just "amps" it, yet is executed poorly. Read before you downvote.

September 22nd, 2016, I made this hydroid review and rework suggestion on the Warframe forums. It was met with some positive reception, and a little bit of negative review. I have continued to hold this exact opinion about Hydroid since that day I made the post.

Since then we've had multiple warframes come out that have either been an amazing success or were quickly tweaked to a better state for the game. Recently, we're seeing the Zephyr Rework workshop with some interesting changes to the frame.

One line in particular stands out to me.

  • We think the hold mechanic doesn’t work because standing still in Warframe is so dangerous in higher level content and the time spent holding is time lost shooting.

Now, to get everyone up to speed, the first time the charge mechanic was put into the game was with the hydroid rework. Tempest barrage (1) and Tentacle Swarm (4) both got this mechanic to "make them stronger.". However, their full charge is the actual strength that they were in before, the biggest change to his rework came with undertow gaining infinite damage scaling- albeit slowly and made negligible via armor values and shielding.

So, with this Zephyr change, I implore DE to look into every charge mechanic, and change them around to be a hold mechanic, like what came out with Gara, where her Shattered Lash (1) and Mass Vitrify (4) have additions to their abilities, being a slash instead of a projectile for her 1, and a larger radius on hold with her 4.

Current frames with charge mechanics:

  • Ember's 1
  • Vauban's 1
  • Hydroid's 1 and 4
  • Garuda's 1 (However, this one is different, will be explained.)
  • Zephyr's 1 (Changing very soon!)

So what problems are here?

With ember's 1, her charge speed increases the more heat her Immolation (2) has. However, the damage increase is obsolete against most targets with armor. Her only saving grace is immolation and fire blast (3) can strip enemy armor up to 100%, making this ability more effective.

What would I do for ember

I suggest changing her charge to a hold function, since fireball is a one handed ability, the hold function should act as a flamethrower, higher immolation increases the intensity of damage to be more consistent, and the area it affects, even conflagration to multiple enemies much like the Kuva Nukor.

Vauban's rework is on the table

There's some excuse for Vauban's 1 being the way it is, multiple Tesla Nervos (1) being deployable at once via charge mechanic is closer to a hold function, as multiple balls are a form of CC, which is an acceptable upgrade. The only change I could suggest is allowing single deployables up to a cap based on power strength, and a hold function creating one orb on throw, and upon letting go dropping another to create an electric pylon between the two to bring back his tripwire with a reliable shock CC proc. Otherwise, this ability does make it through just fine.

Garuda's 1 is a prime example of %Scaling done right


When Garuda uses Dread Mirror (1), she will leap to a target and siphon a % of their max HP into a front facing shield for a duration. This shield scales infinitely, and also can be held to create a blood bomb upon release, that uses up to 100% of remaining energy to disperse into the ball, scaling based on the number of health stolen. This is a prime example of a charge mechanic done right, as it scales infinitely and when used properly, can destroy enemies with ease while still making Garuda vulnerable to sloppy play, yet still a massive threat.

Now for Hydroid.

So Hydroid, the frame who introduced this dreaded mechanic to the game. Now, personally, I despise every part of his kit. His 1 is only reliable on full charge which requires natural talent, his 2 is sloppy to use and forces hydroid to a new position based on duration since it cannot be cancelled, his 3 puts him out of the game to become a trap instead of creating one, and his 4 flails enemies, forcing players to rely on AoE or higher accuracy since shooting the tentacles themselves do not disperse damage to the target like Zephyr's tonadoes. His passive is one of the worst in the game.

My recommendation is to alter his entire kit personally, Hydroid is a caster who is glued to his casts which is different from most frames. (The only other frames being Grendel's 4, Mesa's 4, Revenant's 4, Titania's 4, all of which are ultimate abilities.)

His passive I recommended in the thread stays the same: Staying near casted abilities will increase strength of continual casts, the ocean's storm rages on.

His Tempest Barrage (1) should be either quick cast at max duration & projectile count, or turned into a weapon jamming raincloud trap, details in the forum posted.

His Tidal Surge (2) should honestly be capable of being casted from him, not by him, being a knockback projectile much like Banshee's sonic boom. Should be able to become the surge with a hold function to retain the functionality, or vice versa. (releasing the hold function can end the surge early, allowing for set distance based on player choice)

Hydroid's Undertow (3) definitely needs to be placeable on it's own. Pirates are notorious for setting up traps against merchant ships and military vessels, this would be no different to that thematic, and can even keep the main undertow by adding a hold function.

Finally, Tentacle Swarm (4). This ability should never have had a charge mechanic to begin with, I do have an idea for synergy that would make Hydroid a force to be reckoned with. Enemies trapped in undertow, when Tentacle Swarm is cast, will be hurled out for scaling %MAX HP damage, ignoring armor thresholds but not shield damage reduction. This correlates to the pressure of being deep underwater and hurled out at a rapid speed having dangerous effects on the human body, so it would make some semblance of sense logic-wise to do such a hard-hit.

Closing thoughts

I've had a vendetta for hydroid for ages. Once Khora's Pilfering Strangledome came out, the wording between the two made me realize that Hydroid's is obsolete, and Khora became the loot queen alongside Nekros. I'm pretty sure some augments could be changed around a little to function that much better or tweaked to be a little more effective, but with these ability changes suggested, nothing Hydroid has is lost. He is still the scurvy sea dog ability-casting pirate he was dreamed to be.

In his current state, his abilities fit more for afking, which we all know DE does not like.

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