I’ve earned 200k Scarlet Credits so far, lets address the core design issues in Scarlet Spear.

Warframe9 - I've earned 200k Scarlet Credits so far, lets address the core design issues in Scarlet Spear.

After farming about ~200k Scarlet credits, I think I've come up with some informed views on the current design of Scarlet Spear. Note that my post will NOT be addressing bugs present in the event, instead it will focus on the intentional design decisions by DE, the problems, and potential solutions.

1. 100 Murex or Bust

The Design:

  • I quite like this part of the event, since it somewhat pushes players to string together to reach a common goal, instead of running events for individual goals.

The Problem:

  • I think this system also poses as the most prominent issue with the event. Not getting to the 100 Murex Goal is extremely punishing, and cuts two thirds of the potential output from doing runs. The current scoring system would be pretty reasonable if getting that double bonus reward was consistent.

The Solution:

  • There are many potential solutions to this that have already been suggested. One which I recommend would be to lower the Murex requirement to somewhere around 30-50, so that players can more consistently achieve rewards and jump between.

  • Another is to always reward a bonus equal to the amount of credits earned times the percentage of Murex progress, but doubled if the Murex Goal is reached so that you always get some reward for participating. Eg. you earned 1000 credits and reached 80/100 Murex, so you get a 800 bonus.

2. Railjack Scaling.

The Design:

  • The Railjack missions mimic the ground team missions which scales enemy levels from a measly 25 to a whopping 180. This is fine for the ground missions but…

The Problem:

  • … LEVEL 180 SPACE FIGHTERS ARE NOT OK. They're pretty much impossible to kill with the conventional Railjack weapons.

The Solution:

  • The answer is obviously to scale enemies in space flight and ground differently. The problem with that is whether DE's level system allows for this kind of tuning.

3. Railjack Objectives.

The Design:

  • The space team missions seem to have originally been designed to have two different defense portions. One for the OpLinks, one from outside with the Satellite. For whatever reason, the Satellite portion has been disabled.

The Problem:

  • This mission is just a bore. All you do is tow the satellite, place the oplink, sit around as a limbo and repeat.

The Solution:

  • I know I'm gonna get some flak for this, but maybe add a small nullifier bubble on the OpLink? The fact that pretty much any change possible still allows for Limbo / Frost to cheese the entire thing just makes them feel redundant.

  • Move the OpLink location in the tile every 2-3 Kill Codes. This is just so that the away team has some movement instead of sitting around for 3 minutes on the same spot.

  • Re-enable the Satellite Defense, provided that the level scaling gets fixed and Grineer Crewship spawns are removed (since they are able to one-shot Satellites while towing). Instead of failing once the Satellite reaches 0 HP, allow it to be repaired by an Archwing user (similar to reviving someone in Archwing), or firing at it using the Tunguska Cannon.

4. Flotilla Management.

The Design:

  • Currently you simply jump into some random Flotilla and hope that the squads there are able to hit the Murex goal.

The Problems:

  • You never really know which Flotillas you've participated in.

  • The creation of too many 'dead' Flotillas.

The Solution:

  • Clan Flotillas would help a lot in lowering dead Flotilla numbers. Those in less active clans can participate in the public Flotillas.

  • Changing the Flotilla cap to 30 squads instead of 100 Players.

  • Moving Little Duck's store to a separate relay / Fortuna so that people purchasing items don't take up the Flotilla limit.

  • Adding a list of 'participated' Flotillas so that you can rejoin them after taking a break or random disconnect.

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