Jovian Concord Quick Lore Summary

Warframe9 - Jovian Concord Quick Lore Summary

Let's begin.

So, first of all, it's pretty obvious who Alad V is working with here. The whole "Partners" thing is just a charade to get volunteers (probably not really volunteers) to the cause of…


Mad motherfucker has no idea what he's doing right now. By playing the Disruption game mode we're actively giving Alad, and consecutively, The Sentients, combat data in massive amounts. The whole idea of Alad "accidentally" having a backdoor in his comms, "accidentally" letting us win rewards. All of it is a master plan to make us, greedy scavengers get temporary richness to work towards the much, much more massive future evil we don't even thinking about.

Second of all, Sentients already have an Outpost somewhere in Sol by the looks of it. How would Ropalolyst found his way to Jupiter? Chances are, it was sent there, because someone (Lotus/Natah) told Hunhow about that pesky Orokin called Alad V, who's really eager to research some shit. Even if it's going to doom us all. To confirm it even more, in one of the datapads you can scan on Jupiter called "The Partnership", Alad is telling the Corpus to establish a no-flight-zone around 'their vessel'. "Their" being that massive Sentient Mothership that was teased on all the Devstreams since The New War. Or else, where would the Ropalolyst appear from? It doesn't look ancient/abandoned/revived. It looks fresh and new.

During the boss fight, Natah speaks about Ropalolyst suffering for the others to survive. By fighting him, we're advancing Sentients own research about us and how to counter us. The fact that they are willing to sacrifice their own people that easily is scary, really. It's not gonna end well.

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Third of all, maybe The Biggest Lore Dump since The Second Dream:

Lotus never loved us.


Natah was created in a Family. She speaks about her father being a farmer and her mother being a carpenter. Sentients, presumably. Drones. But then their people then started to evolve, they got their Gift of Sentience. And they decided to go to war.

She speaks about Golden Wrath coming to them, after which her own faith was made clear – she became a Mimic. What was The Golden Wrath? Did Orokin invaded Tau Ceti after it got terraformed in an attempt to destroy the Sentients?

Sentients weren't just rebel machines? They were freedom fighters defending themselves against Orokin aggression?

Natah speaks about her being made to infiltrate the Orokin War Machine, to destroy a weapon. To destroy Us. She speaks about how we changed her… But was it Us?

She says that she was reprogrammed. She was changed not by love. But by Orokin. She was made Riven (Hunhows first reaction to witnessing Lotus during Natah Quest was to call her a Riven), broken. They re-wrote her to destroy her past, her peoples past. To win a War for the Orokin. She was "imprisoned in the Lua's belly just like us".

Lotus is not coming back.

She was never our mother. She was never our caring Guardian Angel. She was just another tool in the arsenal of the Orokin to sculpt us, to instill us with their Vision.

And now, she is whole again. No longer Riven. Family has saved her.

And we were never a part of her Family.

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