Jovian Concord – Ropalolyst – Some details I noticed while fighting the boss and listening to spacelady

Warframe6 - Jovian Concord - Ropalolyst - Some details I noticed while fighting the boss and listening to spacelady

I will start this post with the following Orokin text (that was translated so nicely in the forums):

Void Link Severed

Reason foreign carrier detected. Origin unknown. Suspect tracking signal.

Reinitiating dipolar connection on naval carrier.

Bow in standby for sync check and sync.

Motion compensation complete.

Selenic lensing locked.

Somatic control established.

Margulis implantation intact.

EVM (Eye, Vocal, Movement) status nominal.

War platform awaiting sync.

Initializing Synaptic overlay… Good night, sweet angel.

For the sake of brevity, I will use a numbered list:

  1. During the beginning of The Sacrifice, the whisperer that lulls us into touching the helmet was called (in the subtitles) "Lotus". But in the Ropalolyst map, the person who intrudes our hud (being so big, differentiating it with "transmissions") was called "Natah". Is the distinction a "continuity feature" (we follow the naming by how the Operator sees things), or "something else"?

  2. While fighting (and even outside of the boss area) in the Ropalolyst node, Natah alludes to "know" of "A Voice. A Void, lurking inside you, its purpose not yet shown", and that she "has heard of the Voice behind the wall". If this "Voice" of the "Void" is "The Man in The Wall", then The Lotus deliberately lied to us during the Chains of Harrow quest that it's all "a consequence of Void exposure", "there's nothing in there", and "there's no man in the wall". But point 1 would react to this: "Natah" probably knew, but "The Lotus" didn't, and since the Mimic needs to "act like her, like how the Tenno saw her in their collective dream", she skipped the info out of her persona, just like Margulis did (see The War Within quest for how Margulis attempted to eradicate the existence of the Long Dream, attempting to commit all Tenno to believe we are Warframes all along).

  3. The above text: Based on the information in there, it seems as if something was rebooted or restarted. At first glance, it seems as if this is us reinstating our connection to our warframes. But why "Margulis implantation intact"? We do have selective amnesia, but not to the level where we do not remember who Margulis is, I believe. Who is being talked about in this message? Is it us Tenno, or is it… "someone else"?

  4. The second dream depicted "The Lotus", with all the cables and all, as "not tethered into a chair". Who was the one we faced that day when we wake in the Transference Room? I am now doubting if that one's The Lotus, or is it someone else posing as Lotus (as we have dreamed of our mother figure)?

  5. In The Silver Grove quest, Silvanas charters her experience of non-Tenno transference, feeling "A tortured presence, like an evil ink, staining my mind". Since we know as Tenno of The Indifference, and "Natah" knew, and Silvanas knew, and even Corrupted Vor seems to understand (as he continuously says in his monologue as the "secrets of the Void"), could we presume that the "child's mind being immune to the effects of the Void" is an utter joke, and we actually survived only because of The Man in the Wall (from Shadow message in The War Within: "Remember, you are nothing without me.")


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