Just reached Mastery 5 and Jupiter, still confused on a few things.

Warframe7 - Just reached Mastery 5 and Jupiter, still confused on a few things.

Hey guys I just recently got into Warframe after hearing about Fortuna and I’ve been holding my own so far as I just hit Mastery 5. Some of the things I still don’t understand after all this time are: Modding, Warframes, and Platinum.

  1. Modding- I’m a little nervous to admit this, but I haven’t upgraded a single mod yet. I know, don’t kill me. The reason why is because I don’t know which mods I’m supposed to be upgrading, and when I’m supposed to start upgrading them. I just didn’t wanna waste my endo without knowing what I was doing. I’m at about 9,900 endo right now. Also, what should I be doing with duplicate mods? From the the top of my head I think I have about 14 “Redirection” mods.

  2. Warframes- So I picked Excalibur at the beginning, he’s maxed out, and I also got Trinity Prime from Twitch Prime, and she’s maxed out. There’s so many frames in the market and I’m confused on how you go about choosing the right one. Is there some sort of tier list for all of them? I feel like I’m wasting XP by using my maxed out Trinity Prime, but I don’t have another frame to level. I was told to farm the one mission on Ceres with the two bosses to get the “Frost” parts and I got them, but I just need a Neural Sensor for the neuroptics. Is Frost good? What should I do after I max him?

Platinum- So I’m at about 985,000 credits which I think is pretty good so far but I’m confused on how to make platinum. I understand it’s the whole real life currency but I always hear people say the game is NOT p2w and that you can make platinum pretty easily, so I was just curious on how I could do that.

Sorry for the long post guys, this community has been great so far and I figured I’d ask a few things that have been really confusing me lately. Thanks for all the answers in advance!

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