Just realized Hunhow outright stated what the plot going forward would be

Warframe11 - Just realized Hunhow outright stated what the plot going forward would be

Hey guys it's me, the old player who recently returned and is now re-experiencing the full game from the very beginning on a new account. I just unlocked the Index and the third Void segment, so before continuing I am now going to take a LONG pause, to farm credits, relics and Orokin containers for mods.

However, in order to get here I had to go through the Natah quest… And in doing so I realized something which I felt like discussing with you guys. Before I continue: what I'm about to say constitutes MASSIVE SPOILERS for the New War, so if you're not fully caught up on the plot CLOSE THIS POST RIGHT NOW. Are we good? Here goes.

So, the big debate right now is on whether Lotus went back to the side of the Sentients willingly, or if she was brainwashed to do so. She adamantly states the former during the Ropalolyst fight, but her interactions with her brother Erra and certain half bits of lore dropped by the enslaved Ballas appear to imply the latter. Factor in the we don't even know if her original turn (to become our mom) was done willingly or following some brainwashing on the Orokin's (possibly Ballas') part, and figuring out the current state of her mind is kind of difficult right now.


Or is it? When he first addresses his daughter while the Tenno are arming the bomb to try and re-bury him, Hunhow flat-out says, and this is a direct quote, "they will think you riven, and attempt to reclaim you by any means necessary. I won't be able to stop them". This directly implies that Hunhow fears that, regardless of whether or not brainwashing was actually involved in Natah becoming Lotus, the rest of their family (who are obviously the "they" Hunhow is talking about) would assume it was, and therefore go out of their way to brainwash her back to their side. His chosen wording also makes it clear that he would not approve of such methods, but he knows the others wouldn't listen to him.

When you put it this way, his attempt to murder the Tenno in Second Dream could be seen as a "for your own good" kind of deal. Like, "it's either I force you to see the error of your ways so that you'll come back willingly, or Erra and your mother will take you back through force/brainwashing". So yeah, if I had to venture a guess based on all this, I'd say that the angle DE are going for with this whole story arc is that Lotus WAS brainwashed to our side, and then brainwashed again to go back to the Sentients, and so the big climax of the New War will be her finally making a decision which is truly hers, thus becoming her own person once and for all.

Your thoughts?

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