K-Drives are fun. The K-Drive standing grind makes hate K-Drives.

Warframe5 - K-Drives are fun. The K-Drive standing grind makes hate K-Drives.

The standing grind forces a meta of focused, repetitive tricks in specific locations to use the terrain to abuse the system and get max point tricks in order to gain any standing at all. Vent-kids standing builds slower than ANY other faction in the game, especially if you can't manage to pull off 3k point tricks consistently. And that's with focused grinding. I have tried to gain standing passively by just doing tricks on my way from one place to another, and screwing around in the area I happen to be in before starting a bounty or looting an area, and the standing gain is so slow that it would take well over a month of Foruna-only playing to build enough standing to rank up, much less get the parts I want to build a board.


The K-Drives themselves are fun to just d*ck around on and ride from one spot to another, especially with friends, but gaining standing with them is heinous and I feel like it needs to be looked at. People want to build boards, and they don't want to wait months in between for the ability to do so. Time-gates are not content. The idea that everything should take forever, even if you're focus grinding for it is artificial longevity, and it's not a good way to release things. I know I'm going to get hate for this, and I can already hear some people revving up those "this game isn't for you" arguments.
That's fine. I just want to play, and I want to play with a board that I built, I don't want to wait months for it, and I don't want to sit on that goddamn pipe right outside the elevator for fu*king hours to do it. People aren't going to quit playing just because they don't have to grind less. I would probably play more and enjoy my time more if I didn't have to focus grind for every single little thing in this game.

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It is okay to let players just have things for a reasonable amount of work in a reasonable amount of time and then let them have fun with it. It really, really is.

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