Killing Lich guarantees a weapon drop.

Warframe14 - Killing Lich guarantees a weapon drop.

That is one of the few things set in stone when it comes to what we know about kuva lich system. So like any self-respecting redditor it is my obligation to make a longass assumption post based on it.

TL:DR/conclusion at the bottom just because i want my readers to at least skim through the incoherent thought process that led to that conclusion.

Now let's compare just on that weapon acquisition part.

Warframe's current weapons can be broken down roughly into 5. Common, clan research, quest, syndicate and prime based on acquisition type.

Common weapons what i call them are weapons with bp that you can buy off market for creds basically. So to get a common weapon you need bp from market for 0hr + crafting 12-24hrs + farming resources = 12hrs minimum for the process. Resources are usually common ones from starchart with exception of things like neural sensors which would take about 5 mins each.

Clan research weapons requires clan research as the name implies. Depending on whether or not its already been researched, researching bp for 72hrs. + crafting 24hr + farming resources = 96hr minimum resource usually includes a forma so +24hrs if it hasnt been farmed in advance.

Syndicate weapons you get from getting to last rank in a syndicate and getting 125k standing to buy with. Assume you're mr27 and you start grinding standing from 0 to get a syndicate weapon so you have 28k standing limit + 2k from medallions via syndicate missions.

5k for initiate + 22k for 1st rank = 1 day.

44k for 2nd rank = 2 days

70k for 3rd rank = 3 days

99k for 4th rank = 3-4 days

132k for 5th rank = 5 days

125k standing for weapon = 4-5 days

Along the way youre gonna need a potato, a forma, a prime weapon part and a prime warframe part so +hrs on those too

Total time needed from initiate as mr27 = 18-20 days, or

Total time needed as 5th rank = 4-5 days. Man that's rough.

Prime weapons, the bane of many people's real life, time and sanity second only to rivens.

Farming 4 specific relics + cracking 4 specific relics + crafting 12hrs.

Farming a specific relic in best case scenario would be getting one in 5 mins capture mission so 4×5 = 20mins to get a copy of all 4 relics.

Cracking relics, assuming best scenario case again so a radshare team, has 34% chance to get the rare according to wiki. so jump steps and assume you have 100% chance to get the part if you repeat 3 times for each relics.

More assumptions, assume each mission takes 5 mins, has 4 relics to crack 3 times each. 4x5x3 = 60mins/ 1hr minimum on cracking. For that you need 3 sets of relics, 20minsx3 = 60mins, 1hr minimum on farming relic.

So even if i messed up in math somewhere, in absolute best case scenario you need 14hrs minimum for a prime weapon.

Average scenario well… assume your relics drop in rot c endless missions with 10% chance. Aassume you have limited amount of traces so +hrs for that, and assume your radshare still have 33% chance to get what you need.

20mins mission * 10 for 100% to get relic = 200mins

Repeat for 4 relics = 200*4 = 800mins

Get 3 sets to guarantee(?) drop = 800*3 = 2400mins = 40hrs average

Cracking 12 relics in 5mins fissures = 60mins = 1hr

+12hr crafting time = 40+1+12 = 53hrs when rngesus doesn't want to crap all over you for the day or when you sacrificed your left nut.



You know how we farm prime parts by cracking relics right?

You know how we are getting kuva lich requiem mods? Relics.

You know how we actually get the parts? Well, in parts yes. of 3 or 4 for a set.

Requiem mods? Also a 3 part set.

Kuva weapons are the grineer prime weapons!

Know what happen to prime parts once you use them to craft? they disappear. Suddenly it makes sense why requiem mods are planned get used up. They're just grineer prime weapon parts.

Following that, recruited kuva lichs are grineer prime specters.

Neways back to prime parts.


Getting prime weapons as i mentioned varies greatly from half a day of full super lucky grind to 3days and up.. waaaay up. (i still havent gotten chroma prime and ive been farming for it on and off since a week after its release..)

If we are to identify the whole kuva lich hunt as an interactive means of crafting a kuva weapon, it's safe to expect the whole ordeal of dealing with a single lich to take just as long as getting a prime weapon. As for exactly how long, YMMV.

Which now comes down to the relics. Specifically is relic grind as good/bad as current prime relic grind? Here are the comparable differences i found between prime relic and kuva relic based on how relics and kuva siphons currently works ingame;

Tons of relics with overlaps on prime parts across 4 tiers, 4 relics with no overlap on requiem mods.

At least one part of the prime set will be in rare bracket, 2% intact, 10% radiant, all requiem mods are in uncommon bracket, 22% intact with 11% to get one of the two, 40% radiant with 20% chance to get one of the two.

Permanent spots for all except baro relic farms unless they're vaulted, 3 siphon and 1 flood, 5siphon+1flood or 6siphon missions limit per hour.

8% random relic drop chance per mission or rotation 30% random relic drop chance per siphon or 100% drop chance per flood.

4+ prime fissures up almost all the time for level 1-45+ 1 kuva relic fissure planned for lvl 60+.

Literally impossible to mix&match prime parts and lose them upon mismatch possibly losing the mods if mismatched.

TL;DR and Conclusion : Kuva weapons are grineer prime weapons. Requiem mods = prime parts : they both drop from relics, needs to match for a set and consumed upon use. Expect each lich kill process to take as long as farming a prime weapon. Not killing gives you an unlimited but random grineer specter. Probably.

Wonder if lich drops mods too, possibly new ones.

Edit: Might as well quickly touch on the requiem mod/ kuva weapon farm like i did with other weapons.

With 100% chance drop from flood and 30% from 5 siphons you're guaranteed to get at least 1 of 8 mods per hour with 22% chance, 6 if you're lucky.

In best case you pick up 6 relics from 6 missions, out of which you get the 3 mods you need for the lich in one hour window so possibly 1hr of kuva +hours of lich hunt.

Worst case scenario, you keep getting a single duplicate mod from floods and absolutely no relic drops from siphons. The end.

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