Kuva Weapon dupes are frustrating, but we don’t need re-rolling: We need upgrading.

Warframe10 - Kuva Weapon dupes are frustrating, but we don't need re-rolling: We need upgrading.

We don't need re-rolling.

We need Upgrading.

We already have enough RNG progression as it stands. We need a constant sense of progression for the Lich system, where players don't have to do 40 rolls here they get literally nothing before the 41th suddenly makes progress. We already have Rivens to cater to the slot-machine loving players. What we need from the Lich system is constant progression for veterans who don't enjoy more layers of RNG.

Duplicate weapons could be a huge part of this system, as a resource to upgrade the elemental bonus until it reaches its maximum. Stat/Forma transfer to similar weapons doesn't solve the issues with the system by long shot.

Too many useless dupes remain, too much gambling remains. The bonuses don't have to be high, but any Kuva weapon should be usable as a resource to upgrade another Kuva weapon of the same element.

There is no need for DE to be scared of playing running out of content. If players truly want to RNG min-max they can roll rivens; but with an upgrade system it makes sense to not only collect one Kuva weapon of each type and gamble for the minuscule chance of getting the weapon they want with the roll they want, but instead go for different elements on different Kuva weapons and max all of them!

This increases variety for players and sells more Forma/Catalysts for DE than pure mastery fodder in the long run.





As this topic has become quite popular and some confusion has arisen here are 2 examples.

Weapon A has a 30% bonus; Weapon B has a 25% bonus.

Example 1 (current system):

  • Weapon B has a Forma. You can fuse weapon B into weapon A. Weapon B will be destroyed, but weapon A gets the Forma slot B had before.
  • But – if you started with A having a Forma – getting B (with a lower bonus) doesn't help you at all. B is trash for you and will be a waste of multiple hours.

Example 2 (a progression system):

  • Sacrificing a weapon grants another weapon a 3% bonus.
  • If you start with B and get weapon A, you can still use B to transfer Forma, nothing changed, great!
  • But! The other situation has changed. You have a 30% A (with Forma on it) and get a 25% B. Now B is not 5 hours worth of work for the trashbin anymore – instead you can sacrifice the newly found B to increase A's bonus from 30% to 33% and A will still keep its forma – yay!

As a result each Lich will matter and help you to improve your collection. If you like you could get each Kuva weapon with different base elements and forma them for different playstyles! With the guaranteed knowledge that you'll be able to max it at some point, without gambling. It's a goal that you can work towards, even if it might take a bit of time!

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