Lack of Nitain right now is a bigger problem than many of us realize.

Warframe1 - Lack of Nitain right now is a bigger problem than many of us realize.

Having no way for a newer player to obtain Nitain is a huge block to many players' preferred methods of progression. It steals the desire to play; it interrupts the flow of learning and experimenting and growing. It causes frustration, and it drives some players away entirely.

Nitain is a component in more than 50 blueprints. Tenno need more than 150 nitain each to craft everything that requires it.

Between nightwaves, Nitain can only be farmed via ghoul bounties (4-6% drop chance), third sabotage cache on Desdemona, Uranus (2% drop chance), a few other sabotages on the third cache and a couple of exterminates (1% drop chance or less on most of those). Nightwave 1 ended on March 20th. It's been about two and a half weeks. For the sake or argument, let's say that it'll be at least three weeks in total between nightwave 1 and 2.

How is the current lack of Nitain affecting player progression and engagement? In light of the above, the answer seems obvious.

"But nitain is still farmable," you say. However, for these grinds, drop rates and enemy levels combined make it impossible for 95% of newer players to effectively farm any meaningful amount of nitain on their own.

"They should've stocked up," you say. However, for newer players who couldn't complete every nightwave challenge, the nitain was a mere trickle instead of a steady flow. New players also need potatoes and aura mods, further shrinking the amount of nitain they could be realistically expected to farm through nightwave. This amount may have been sufficient for a moderate building spree while nightwave was active, but it is not also sufficient to create a stockpile without a lot of time, a bit of luck, and some serious dedication and focus. Several of my clan members, from early game through mid-20s mr, have told me about respectable nitain stockpiles that have totally disappeared since the last nightwave.


"But this is a free game," you shout; "we are not entitled to constant nitain!" However, crafting is a core progression mechanic of this game, and nitain is designed to be one of the pain points. Mild scarcity is what made a nitain alert valuable and exciting, encouraging you to log in often in order to catch them. It is now a primary reason to grind nightwave, which introduces newer players to many other mission types and mechanics. But what happens when a constantly-needed resource goes from mildly scarce to unavailable, for three weeks? If you still have many cool things to build, but you have to put them on hold for this long, then you go from excited to frustrated over this resource.

Early game players may very well just up and quit because they can't build any of the lovely new frames or weapons that have caught their eye. Mid game players are going to see their habit of progression stalled out, DOA for three weeks or more, and may not log back in for a while. Later game players pursuing that mr goal or looking to grab a few more interesting weapons will become frustrated, probably after spending a lot of time grinding for nitain, and just grab their daily logins before going off to play something else until the next content drop.

This lack of a core progression resource can and will result in players losing interest, which is something that none of us want.

Now, I've presented the problem. Tenno, what are some possible – and reasonable – solutions? DE, do you have any sort of solution in the works, or a game plan to keep this from happening after nightwave 2?

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