Late night Nyx Rework

Warframe3 - Late night Nyx Rework

Disclaimer: The purpose of these changes are not to completely overhaul Nyx from the ground up but rather to improve on her current abilities. These changes are also heavily subjective to how I personally see and use Nyx, which is a cc and debuff frame.

Superscript texts are extra comments.



  • changed: Enemies within Nyx's affinity radius are 20% less accurate when targeting Nyx and her allies. Just her current passive but made more supportive
  • added: Enemies affected by any of her abilities are 75% less accurate when targeting Nyx and her allies. Extra incentive to always have some sort of debuff

1. Mind Control

  • added: Converted enemies have 2 buffing auras, one based on a cycle of 4 different buffs: weapon damage, energy regen, ability power, action speed. The other based on enemy faction: Grinner gives flat armor, Corpus shield regen, Infested status immunity, Sentient a lesser Adaptation that doesn't stack with the mod. There hasn't been a squad support minion, Mind Control seems to have huge potentials for it
  • added: Converted enemies' health and shield scale with power strength. Health and shield scaling cannot go below 100%. To give them tankiness and to give variety to max range builds.
  • changed: Increased target limit to 2. Using Mind Control on an enemy above the target limit will return the oldest converted enemy. Using Mind Control on an already affected enemy will have the same effect.
  • changed: Remove duration. Enemies stay converted until they die or unconverted manually
  • augment: (All for one) Increase target limit to 4. Converted enemies health and shield capped at 40% value. More buffs, less health
  • augment: (One for all) Decrease target limit to 1. Converted enemy is invulnerable. More health, less buffs

2. Psychic Bolt

  • added: On affected enemy death, Psychic Bolt seeks out the nearest unaffected enemy within 50m. Repeats for the rest of the duration. The ability is already very strong but the constant recast makes it annoying. This should solve that.
  • changed: Increase bolt limit to 10 and increase Bolt projectile speed. Just QoL

3. Chaos

  • added: Nearby affected enemies when cast have a secondary taunting effect, similar to Titania's Lantern but enemies prioritize and attack them. Chaos is already solid, this hopefully makes it more consistent at distracting fire.
  • changed: Duration increased to 30s. Again, small QoL

4. Absorb

  • changed: Remove inability to perform actions at base ability.
  • Assimilate changed: Remove speed debuff. Nyx is able to walk and roll. Makes this more consistent with Mesa's Waltz as "movement" augments and slightly tone down movement restrictions.
  • changed: Remove energy consumption on damage taken. Increases base channeling cost to 6. Improve usage against large amounts of damage or high levels with small trade-offs
  • added: Nyx absorbs damage taken by nearby Mind Control enemies and her companions.
  • added: Upon deactivation, nearby Mind Control enemies have increase buff effects and is partially healed, both based on Nyx damage taken during Absorb. Extra synergy
  • added: Upon deactivation, Absorb will trigger Chaos with quarter duration. You can already animation cancel Chaos with Absorb deactivation currently, this makes it more streamlined and adds extra protective layer.
  • changed: Deactivation animation is removed if self-cast. Makes quickly popping in and out of bubble smoother.

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