Lavos… exclusively for endgame?

Warframe10 - Lavos... exclusively for endgame?

I'm a bit impressed with how Lavos plays out – he's extremely interactive and riddled with interesting combos. more importantly I'm in love with the fact that for different factions I find myself using completely different combinations.

While leveling him, I felt like he was strong, but gimmicky; with a lot of setup required to kill things compared to other frames that can wipe rooms with abilities or buff their own damage in any way shape or form to facilitate the good old ultraviolence.

But after entering Steel Path missions with the guy (and a few more hours on him) I got sold. across every mission I've joined, this bad boy has been outdamaging most other players in the match. it has also been getting immense amounts of kills. of note, a Steel Path defense agaisnt the infested completely flipped my expectations. I simply spammed gas on all abilities… and that was it, everything in the map died. I ended that match with 70% damage. GAS! THE ARGUABLY WORST ELEMENT!

The last match I did was a Steel Path corpus excavation, and it was absolutely fun. I would put viral on vial rush, blitz through a bunch of enemies, put gas into ophid bite (to spread another status type all over) and then ended with pure-toxic catalyst. it just. deleted Corpus. I followed this with a radiation-infused transmutation probe that would cause mass CC (literally a pocket Nyx) and restore my other abilities. completely bonkers.


My interpretation of this phenomenon would concern the spawn density and general durability of steel path enemies. That gas match in particular, one can't overlook the fact that while infested are mostly very weak to gas, what killed them was the absurd overlap in gas proc clouds – this would NOT occur in easier missions, as there simply aren't enough enemies. it's completely bonkers, a strategy that works in Steel Path is not vey reliable in… sorties?

Unless I completely misunderstood what his 4 does, the damage seems to be the equivalent of a big beefy fire proc powered by Condition overload, except in a massive AoE and through walls. For grineer, his led to some difficulty at first, but upon taking a Larkspur along for the ride and using 1 and 2 to spread corrosive and viral before a radioactive-infused 4, I found myself consistently dismantling enemies left right and center.

Yet playing Lavos in anything less than a sortie feels almost like a chore. any action takes multiple steps and I barely end up using his abilities, since I can simply kill things faster using just the guns. I will definitely not be dissuaded from the pain in the ass that some energy siphon sorties can be, though.

What are your thoughts on our resident mad scientist?

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